Mansfielder Allen Hogan harassed over 10 Million dollar Lawsuit?

The Mansfield Bureau of Building Inspections, Licenses and Permits condemns home even though property was contaminated by U.S. Government negligence where his Company picked up radioactive material that came from the Department of Defense.

See the report here

I tend to agree with Sonya White

  • Sonya White

    I love how Mansfield authorities handle hoarding. Put hoarders either right smack on the front page of the NJ or somewhere inside. There is absolutely no help for hoarders in Richland County and there are plenty. Is this man singled out a lot? Yes, he is. I used to live on the avenues 20+ years ago and everyone was always up in his business, from the yocals across the street up to the US government.
    How ever the next 2 are simply adding 2 cents in defense of a perverted justice system in which it appears they associate.
    • Jim Guthrie

      Come on people that property has needed addressed/cleaned up/or shut down for the last 15 + years they are not singling him or anyone out J.R. rice is the most fair & easy guy to work with I know this because I have dealt with him and I also know for a fact he doesn’t have time on his busy schedule to single anybody out!! Hogan has not complied with city notices over the years so what did you expect them to do????
      • Wendy Braun Guthrie · Paralegal at C. Richard Thompson Co., LPA

        You are 100% right Jim : 0
        I tend to agree with John Hess.
        • John Hess · Top Commenter · Works at Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant – Austin

          Mansfield do something about the abandoned gas stations….4th st ..lex.ave sixth st…to name the ones that come to can’t fight the gov. local or other wise….they will win regardless of who’s right longer for the people…..
          Don’t forget, when is the last time THEY drove down 4th street past the NEW High School? Talk about an area that needs a match?
          This is simply RETRIBUTION and the need for his property which is suggested as the second highest point in the area.

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  1. Phil says:

    But what about the dead people buried in the hill?

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