Mansfield voters OK city income tax the MNJ says. This says it ALL!, now lets see the ramifications that come from it!, shall we?

Mansfield voters OK city income tax

This WILL be the nail in the coffin as those who work for US continue to oppress the businesses in which they frequent. Things just got much worse for EVERYONE, including those who are gobbling up the properties who need things from those of us who sell you the goods you need. Surely they will do what they normally do, think Ontario is one BIG Garage Sale. Well, that’s about OVER while you see competition get fierce!

Only the STRONG will survive!, I really feel bad for the wall street owned businesses who rent now that MILLIONS were taken out of the local economy by some pretty stupid voters yesterday! Surely the bottom feeders will have something to say about that as they struggle to stay alive, may the BEST at what they do survive, this is where the cream RAISES to the top. Looking at numbers I see a few who may not make the cut, especially AFTER the first of the year when Obama care health care tax kills the economy even more!   You will see, those who work for us in the public sector and health care sector want the BEST DEAL too!    NOW THEY HOLD THE KEYS TO THE KINGDOM


Here’s what a few have said already!

  • Howard Webber · Top Commenter · Crafton Hills College

    There already talking about buying new cruisers and phones. For the p.d. again. Starting already. They’ll be broke in a year. Think it’s time to move out of Mansfield. Tax this tax that. There not getting anymore of our hard worked dollars. Done.
  • Michael Michalski · Top Commenter · Windstream Communications

    I suggest we all watch to make sure they spend it EXACTLY as stated and don’t try a council end run with the funds after the fact.
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    · 8 hours ago

    • Barbara Boyd Walter · Cowen High School

      I totally agree Michael. No fudging the numbers, no excuses, no end runs. But we will all have to keep a close eye out. Politicians with money always seem to have a pack of matches handy.
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      · 3 hours ago

  • Robert Ruth · Top Commenter · Lexington, Ohio

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    · 8 hours ago

  • Tim D. Metcalfe · Top Commenter · Officially Retired April 2013 at Retired

    Just another regressive tax on working citizens.
  • Howard Webber · Top Commenter · Crafton Hills College

    No way no how. This city gets way to much out of our checks already, besides that if you live here in Mansfield , you pay city taxes then like most of us that work in Ontario we get racked for working in that city, and it’s the same county. Ridiculous. 300.00 a year to live in this city is far more enough.
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    · 10 hours ago

    Here’a a few who may not make the cut after this Holiday season, then there will be the NO TAX SEASON when the Fed realizes MORE cuts will need to be made…
    You can ONLY not make your shareholders no money for do long before they withdraw.
    Sears is CLEARLY hurting the worst, now with MILLIONS taken out of the local economy there will be LESS WEALTH to spread around. Not even their loyal oppressors can save them all by themselves, mainly because the oppressors don’t like to pay MORE either.
    People will be looking for a leader who will rise to the occasion that will help the oppressed more than anyone else. We own our building, and we are ready for the competition. RENTERS BEWARE, the NAIL is about to be put in your coffin as we fight oppression to the finish.
    People around here know me as “Syd”
    Many love us, and you will too! – Be patient, we have lost people because of Obama care, but we will still get you taken care of in a timely manner, have your BEST DEALS READY to speed you through if time is not on your side. See you there!

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