Mansfield should add fluoride to water for residents’ health – ONLY the MNJ would post such poppycock!

Mansfield should add fluoride to water for residents’ health – Mr. Brown, and those commenting, or shall we say those allowed to comment all need to do MORE research!

Fluoride in large doses is actually a way to oppress aggression! That is why this chemical is being out in American water more than ANY Country on the face of this Earth! Sure there may be some benefits to the superficial and their teeth, but this chemical is part of the U.S. weaponry against it’s people. Sorry!, IF God wanted me to drink a man made chemical he would have put it in the water supply when he created the earth.

Mr. Brown – Agenda 21 and the dumbing down of American know how is quite alarming after reading your BULLSHIT! Please Read: 

Then is this is not good enough for you watch this! – or this –


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