Mansfield Police say “NO” to bullies?

Mansfield Police say ‘no’ to thugs bullying community cleanup effort

“When our Chief (Ken Coontz) read the report he said, ‘Oh no. We’re not going to put up with the criminal element.’ What we decided to do is to let people know if they’re cleaning up their area and they are afraid something like that is going to happen, the police department will make arrangements to have somebody come down for a while.”

I wonder why they don’t apply the same effort for citizens who own their own homes who are seeing gun & drug crimes on the rise which effects their property values? Its a WELL KNOWN FACT in Mansfield, and now surrounding Cities & Villages that there are cycles like this to drop values of homes so many businesses like this can gobble them up cheap! So really who is this REALLY protecting besides investors? Has anyone else noticed many of these homes are used as camps for much of the crime here! Maybe IF Mansfield had ANY Tyger Pride they would not devalue homes and the local economy for that matter to allow such a takeover of these communities? Yes its nice someone is buying up these homes and turning them into a nice place, but wouldn’t we be better served to help those who own their homes protect their investment? Maybe its just me, but there’s a lot going on here not being discussed, and much of it resolves around protecting those who are buying than those who want a fair price when they sell. Yes I agree Mansfield should say “NO” to thugs, how ever a differing Perspective wonders who the thugs really are? Something really needs to be done about these rentals, not just those fixing them up, but those who are renting and attracting the criminal element that’s destroying the value of actual owners and not just those stealing with land grabs that are surely backed by banks & predatory lenders!

Please leave your comments below, surely the REAL criminal element mouthpiece Drew Tyler will leave theirs???


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