Mansfield man charged with domestic violence Monday; Alcohol related, should I say more?

This is what happens when you drink too much, too bad we live in a society that believes it’s “your choice” to drink the crap or we wouldn’t be seeing and hearing about stuff like this.

The sad news is…this 23 year old (young man) just ruined his life because of alcohol and the choice he made. If anything since this is being publicized others are able to learn from his mistake? What do I mean by learn???? – There’s 2 sides to every story and certainly I am not condoning his behavior, but now that this “domestic violence” law has been in place for just over a decade there has been a lot of mistakes made enforcing it when alcohol is involved. I know, because I’ve been charged with it, but then again my personal story was not nearly as dramatic as this one. Good luck for him if everything here reported is true, he’s in pretty deep I would say with all that transpired – here’s the story as reported by the MNJ…

Mansfield man charged with domestic violence Monday

MANSFIELD — Mansfield police charged a 23-year-old man Monday with domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted his live-in girlfriend and damaged their residence.

According to police reports, he had been drinking heavily when the incident occurred around 10 p.m.

The woman told police the man began to argue with her for no apparent reason, which she said is not uncommon when he drinks.

She told police he grabbed her by the head and repeatedly slammed it into the bedroom walls. She said he also kicked and punched her on the side of her head and strangled her.

The man grabbed a wooden gazebo decoration and struck her in the back of the head before punching several holes in the walls of the bedroom. He then destroyed the furniture and appliances and tossed the refrigerator on its side, according to the police report.

He broke out all of the side windows of her vehicle and smashed the windshield.

She ran up the street yelling for someone to call police as he chased her, the report stated. Neighbors tried to help her and he tried to fight them. He fled the area and police located him.


  • Dale Rhoads · Top Commenter · Fort Worth, Texas

    Future homicide if she doesn’t take the hint!
    Future inmate if he doesn’t get the help he needs with alcohol, there’s 2 perspectives, because there’s 2 parties. I hate to bust your bubble! What we have here is 2 people who made a choice, alcohol whether you are drinking it or condoning it tends to have more bad results than good. Hopefully more will learn from this ever growing problem! Surely this young man may have reacted to a situation poorly because he was under the influence of alcohol, with any luck hopefully the courts have learned as well how to address knowing there’s no help around here for it (alcohol that is). There is no drinking responsibly, especially when many know it depends on who you are if you get in trouble relating to your incident.
  • Do you know how many that work for us who have gotten away with DUI’s and alcohol related incidents? – It’s ALARMING!
  • Ronald Campbell · Top Commenter · Crew Manager at White Castle

    all I can say is future Rachael Kiser…anyone remember that
    • Jeff Brewer· Top Commenter

      how will we for get????…we never will…R.I.P. Rachael
    • Certainly we can’t bring back your dead friend, and not knowing this particular situation what ever transpired hopefully folks learned from it. I am willing to bet once again drugs or alcohol were involved in this case as well, usually is…


These kinds of incidents will CONTINUE to happen until folks educate themselves on these diseases that stem from alcohol, MANY say it’s their choice and surely it is…But when it’s a known problem there must be some kind of help before something like this happens. Non proactive intervention does not work, when there’s a will, there’s a way!

My proactive approach is to teach folks how alcohol and drugs are a scapegoat for those who oppress. Many of these problems would not exist if folks only knew how our government leaders care less about them if they don’t want to educate themselves on the matter. Hence why they have made it a very profitable business for themselves and their friends, those who by the way that get professional courtesy and immunity from it affecting them like it does us! This is what I want many of you to learn about this story, we can’t fix stupid until we fix those we put in place that represent us. If you wait for the time you need an Attorney, it’s too late!, they are part of this very lucrative business with the same courtesy’s, hence where “the deal” came from.  Plea deals by the way is how our justice system has been flawed and our rights trampled on. Did you know your first right of a speedy trial is revoked, then number 2 is the only right you have afterwards is the “right to remain silent” – wake up sheeple, you do wrong, you get punished – PERIOD!, and it needs to be fair and just as our pledge of allegiance depicts.

Tell your leaders, enough is enough – United we Stand, One Nation Under God – Don’t like it?, LEAVE!

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