Mansfield Jurors find Officer Garn “GUILTY” on 25 Counts, but one question remains…

Prosecutor: Send Garn to Prison

GarnGuilty14MANSFIELD – Richland County First Assistant Prosecutor Cliff Murphy didn’t hesitate when asked about a sentencing recommendation for Mike Garn.

“Prison,” he said.

A former Mansfield police officer, Garn was found guilty on 25 of 34 counts Friday in Richland Common Pleas Court. He could receive up to 21½ years in prison when he is sentenced at 3 p.m. Tuesday before Judge Brent Robinson.

Officer Garn some say you can Indict a Ham sandwich in Richland County!

Some are STILL wondering and have not forgot who was behind the murder of Rebekah Leicy?, did Garn escape Murder or his knowledge of it?


Questions still surround Rebekah Leicy’s death


We are getting CLOSER friends & community! – One less thug on the streets and there’s NOTHING their mouthpiece Drew Tyler can do about it! Tick Tick Tick, as we know with Drew baby there are many more out there, it’s just a matter of time THEY start listening more after what happened here. THEY call these people trash and un-credible witnesses, the TRUTH is the ones who are NOT credible witnesses hide behind fake accounts like our friend Drew Tyler!

We the people are coming Drew Tyler, TICK TICK TICK – your time is running out here, the GOOD people here are sick of your kind, it’s time for you to LEAVE!


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