Mansfield council rejects animal cruelty ordinances, and the Law Director speaks?

Law Director John Spon contributed to the conversation as well, sharing, “The bottom line from my standpoint is that for city council to do nothing, and I mean to do nothing on this issue is not something I think we should do. I think we should do something.”

 I agree with Spon, we must do something! We must do something about a lot of stuff going on in this town. How about we start with a lawsuit that involves an old firm you used to work for where telecommunications fraud and default Judgement is evident in a case against you and many others resulting in records that are now missing from the Clerks Office in which you seem to have access representing the Executive Branch, no issues there? I wonder WHY the 2 citizens were met with resistance while filming a public records request? Is it because you and many others are seen accessing the Clerks Office while not there? What, we have more records that need rubber stamped or effectively filed without scrutiny? Yes, I think there’s much we need to do something about and its not creating more work for LEO’s to be distracted from something more sinister going on, how about that for news???? 

You say you don’t believe there’s an illegal operation going on at are clerks office? Then WHY were these 2 here met with resistance doing an educational video on a public records request?

Watch video here;

5 13 15 records audit part two

5 13 15 records audit part three



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