Mansfield comparing parking fines to New York?

Parking penalties could increase in Mansfield


Mayor Tim Theaker pointed out that during a recent trip to New York, he was fined $109 for one parking ticket.

“We don’t really realize how well we have it in Mansfield,” Theaker said. “This is a completely different area; it’s a deprived area, it’s a recession area. But I think that $5 isn’t really a pain.”

So, Mr Theaker recognizes Mansfield is a different and deprived area yet his Law Director John Spon admits its a money generator, for the most part like many of Mansfields laws and ordinances. Interesting!

“It’s an effort to generate more revenue and to tighten the ship,” said Law Director John Spon during Tuesday’s safety committee meeting.

Now we see why Mansfield is so hated and not so much business friendly oppressors. The so called leadership is more CONcerned with fines than bringing in jobs to pay them, WOW! We also see today career politician Senator Brown is calling to hold President Elect Donald Trumps feet to the fire to bring jobs back? Now, how has that worked over his 30 plus years as jobs have left this area? Mansfield has seen a shakeup in their Commissioners and County colluded Prosecution, maybe its time for Mansfield & the State Senate?

You have to agree the $5 flat fee fine is rather cheap!, how ever you do have to consider those getting fined. As Lori Cope has noted they have waived fines in the past over unforeseen reasons such as delays in the County & Municiple buildings related to Court hearings and meetings as such. These should all be given a free pass knowing how you are delayed for the most part by elected heads or their slow moving minions.

Maybe the answer is involving the public they are so upfront about creating revenue from? Sounds like many not paying for the most part are in protest of something that needs changed? Jobs are a good start, many getting fined are more than likely those who know the system all to well?

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