Mansfield City & Richland County Officials heading for legal troubles over who’s responsible?

City says county not enforcing laws

 City Law Director John Spon said the city contributes about $350,000 to the county in dog licensing fees, but under Ohio law, the city does not see any of that money specifically used in the city.

Is this a class action lawsuit? I hardly doubt its the City that CONtributes $350,000, its those who live inside the limits getting ripped off, not the City.

Who pays for something and gets nothing in return? Thats right, its the taxpayers & those who are fleeced to pay for something who get nothing in return.

Interesting legalese? The truth is Mansfield has to blame someone for the laws they create yet dont enforce! Is this really what the $350,000 Mansfielders pay for? Thats the PROBLEM in MOST CASES, people are paying for something they dont get in return.

Dont believe the MP, then follow the above link sharing the article in which the Law Director believes the County is responsible for enforcing their ordinances??

 Richland County Warden responds to Mansfield Mayor & Law Director here.

By law, the shelter is supposed to sell these animals, have them conveyed to a veterinarian or research institute, or have them euthanized, Spon said.

If its the LAW, then why cant people just shoot them if they are getting attacked? Thats right, Goddards LAW protects them from us yet its ok if you do? Makes sense????

This battle before the public should be a lesson in laws and responsibility! Tell it like it is agrees with the County on this one, should be interesting! 👍👍

Wait, theres another paid ad that needs a closer look…who pays for this crap?

Now in the Source it says Law Director John Spon proclaiming this matter to be of life & death, read that crap here…

Oh My! – This sounds like something Drew Tyler would say…

Cease & Desist refuting the News lol, IF I didnt share this crap nobody would read it otherwise?

None the less, this battle taking place in the media is quite the egg on City Officials face – Enforce your own laws says the Warden, many AGREE!!!!

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