“Man who sued police charged with trafficking”; Retribution?, hard to tell considering actual dates intentionally left out, while others don’t make sense!

Man who sued police charged with trafficking

Jul. 20, 2013   |
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Kaitlin Durbin
News Journal

MANSFIELD — A man who accused Mansfield police of unlawfully seizing nearly $16,000 from him last year, relating to suspected drug activity, will be in court Friday on two counts of drug trafficking.

Calvin Caldwell, Jr., 54, is charged with knowingly selling or offering to sell between 10 and 20 grams of cocaine, dating to November 2012, according to the indictments. Now, can ANYONE tell me how he could have sold these drugs up to November 2012 when they said “Caldwell is serving a one-year sentence in Lorain Correctional Institution for a 2011 dug possession conviction” and not due out until Dec.16 which I assume is this year?   (Dug I assure you is just a typo not caught by the MNJ staff, should be “Drug”)

His hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. July 26 before Judge James Henson.

Several officers from the Richland County Sheriff’s Office, the Mansfield Police Department and specifically the METRICH unit have been subpoenaed in the case.

“He was stressing police were harassing a business man and taking his money for no reason, but ultimately he was charged with two counts of trafficking,” METRICH Commander Lt. Keith Porch said.

Caldwell is serving a one-year sentence in Lorain Correctional Institution for a 2011 dug possession conviction. He is due for release Dec. 16.

Caldwell initially sued the police department in April for the return of $15,943 seized from him during a traffic accident on March 11.

When police responded to the accident, they learned Caldwell was wanted on a bench warrant — issued a little less than two weeks before the crash — citing him with failure to appear for transport to prison for a 2010 drug possession conviction.

Caldwell claimed police discriminated against him, assuming the money to be “crooked,” according to his attorney James R. Willis of Cleveland.

Porch said at the time of the stop police already were aware of the two incidents Caldwell was ultimately indicted for in May. Police are legally able to seize any money or other possible evidence of a crime if they believe the circumstances to be suspicious, police Chief Dino Sgambellone said.

However, no charges were filed following the incident, so police and prosecutors jointly decided to return Caldwell’s money. Willis has signed a release to drop the lawsuit, but has not done so yet, Assistant Law Director Christopher Brown said.

Police seized money from Caldwell in 2011 after they reported finiding $7,000 to $8,000 in his pocket, a receipt for crack and a bag they believed contained drugs. In that case, both Judge James Henson and eventually the Fifth District Court of Appeals ruled the city had to return that money. I thought above it said they took over 15k from him?, once again the MNJ makes following a story very difficult, was there 2 incidents tied into this story? Sure seems like they are trying to confuse the readers to justify illegal activity by the MPD?

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Dave Metz · Health Planning Administrator / Quality Improvement Coordinator at Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction

They issue receipts for crack now? Interesting tax write off.
I was thinking the same thing, how ever more puzzling is believing a bag contained drugs, I thought officers are highly trained or have dogs for this? There’s definitely something fishy about this story!

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