Man faces felonious assault charge in courthouse fight, but who started the fight?

When the Video is shared the light will shine!

Man faces felonious assault charge in courthouse fight

Some in the audience, including Skidmore, were there to question “governmental abuses,” another attendee, Wayne McDowell, said.

During the meeting, Skidmore reportedly questioned why commissioners immediately entered executive session, and he asked to see the name tag of the woman taking notes, Sydnor said. Another attendee, Connie Garber, said Skidmore placed his camera up close to capture the name tag and that’s when security guards were called into the room. – After watching the video she actually said he was welcome to look at her badge in which was overturned. It was Marylin Johns who cried inappropriate touching for the alleged victim, she also ordered the gal to her right to do something secret, my guess is to get the guy who entered and 1st attacked Mr Skidmore who said NOTHING to the man before a fight ensued. One can only assume Mike Skidmore did not like the rope around his neck to be yanked that was holding his gopro in which he clearly captured fraud and apparent executives not knowing how executive session works that made the Commissioners smirk as this is not the public’s meeting?

I suggest BEFORE the keyboard warriors get busy with their perspectives who are too lazy to attend a meeting to sit tight. IF Mike is not killed in the County Clink I am sure we will all soon know what caused him to defend against a man with a gun. 

“Mike fought back because they were trying to take his camera,” Sydnor said. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think they’d pull a gun for having a camera.

“This is why we need more people to come to the meetings,” Sydnor said. – Knowledge is power, this behavior is not condoned by the MP, I agree in the live to fight another day philosophy. What I saw today is what you will all see soon, YES this was recorded by citizens who attended. So before you smear with the Sovereign citizen crap I suggest you 1st READ THE LAW on executive session and how it works! Maybe we can get our fair Prosecutor explain? She is better qualified than a hired minion who speaks for her office, right? 

Garber said guards were beating Skidmore, trying to take the camera from him, when the firearm went off.

McDowell said the woman taking notes claimed Skidmore touched her, but he didn’t agree. – I too was sitting directly across with Mr McDowell and I concur.

“He didn’t hurt her, he was just getting information,” McDowell said. – Yes, and Mike was sitting down after Ms Johns scolded him for inappropriate behavior before a guy who thought he was doing his job attacked without a word.

***Just an FYI to all those people after Mike was hauled out the camera that was said to be in the corner we heard that came over the radio that ya’ll just looked at WAS RUNNING – LOL!

That’s right! – remember what you said? Cause there’s some damning stuff on there the BCI has. No lies like the Garber incident, HERE THERE WAS A CAMERA STILL RUNNING after shots fired and YOU just looked at it.

Can’t wait to see what comes of this! – Maybe now people will believe Randy Shepherd that we have squatters among our office, you know…those who say there’s a law, yet can’t find it! – Randy said he will being the law to the next meeting, lets discuss, shall we?

Too be CONtinued…

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  1. All references to any elected official require that person to complete te bond process. None of our squatters officials unitl such tome as the bond is accepted by the Probate Judge. So to CONsider any official action and or decision official we need bonded commissioers not squatters.

    305.06 Regular sessions.

    (A) The board of county commissioners shall conduct at least fifty regular sessions each year, at an office provided for the board in the county seat or at another location as provided in division (B) of this section. Each of these sessions shall be conducted at a specific time fixed in advance. At each meeting the board shall transact such business as it considers necessary or as required by law.
    121.22 Public meetings – exceptions.
    (A) This section shall be liberally construed to require public officials to take official action and to conduct all deliberations upon official business only in open meetings unless the subject matter is specifically excepted by law.

    (C) All meetings of any public body are declared to be public meetings open to the public at all times. A member of a public body shall be present in person at a meeting open to the public to be considered present or to vote at the meeting and for purposes of determining whether a quorum is present at the meeting.

    (G) Except as provided in divisions (G)(8) and (J) of this section, the members of a public body may hold an executive session only after a majority of a quorum of the public body determines, by a roll call vote, to hold an executive session and only at a regular or special meeting for the sole purpose of the consideration of any of the following matters:

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