Man charged with inducing panic carrying a BB-Gun, say it’s not so!

and ya’ll thought I was just making this up (smile)
Sherri Anderson Mcquillen Jamie what’s going on at coolridge golf course?  Saw officers with guns drawn and a man on the ground!!!
  • Jami Kinton Sherri, Mansfield police said man with gun. Don’t know if anyone is injured. I’m on my way and will let you know!
  • Jami Kinton Mansfield Police Officer Dave Johnson said it was a man walking around with BB gun rifle down his pants. When asked why, he reportedly said he didn’t want to walk around without it. He was charged with inducing panic. No one injured.
My guess is since they didn’t charge him with carrying a concealed weapon they had to charge him with something, besides…Since when is this Mansfield’s jurisdiction?

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