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As usual the media covers the negativity of a few stupid morons eating candy CLEARLY labeled as Prescribed Medibles and “Keep out of reach of children” – Do we need to RAISE the age of adults? The media hysteria that these were children enticed by candy leaves me laughing at BEST! – I also believe this individual should not bare full responsibility for this! How about the dummies who ate the crap? Where are their pictures so we can shame these morons too! The media was quick to point this fella from Michigan out, so how about these young adults who don’t know better than to take candy from a stranger? – WHO ARE THEY? Oh, that’s right, like the kids who were part of last years bomb threats, its a secret because they are kids of prominent people in our community? – lol!

Picture from Last Weekend on Earth

Link to more on Machine Kelly’s pages including comments by those WHO WERE THERE!

Unity when car breaks down

Riley Beaux Wright

This was us, Cody and I drove 5 hours to the fest after years of being fans,we were in the line of cars 3 miles away and the car broke down,we started pushing the car and before you know it we had a good 15-20 people pushing all the way there,had a great time and met alot of great people,that’s just before the festival lol EST for life.

Julia Tiell We were 5 cars away, clear representation of what love & unity is. Maybe you can put that in the newspaper


There is more from Richland County News Alerts here!

Lisa Salser He deserves to be punished hard. Kids are stupid. Duh…. He is 28 and intended harm.

Phil Sydnor A huge misCONception depicting kids! By LAW they were adults, now IF kids were allowed in thats a whole other issue that burdens the owner & promotor of this event. The event CLEARLY says 18+ no exceptions. hmmm?
About the Event

This man I agree was an idiot, but these kids also share in the blame of what happened and WHY this Country is in dire straights, THEY CAN VOTE TOO YOU KNOW, yet they can’t READ?????

March these little morons as I have said on other comments in the media, problem solved! I am sick of this LIBERAL MENTALITY when others are blamed specifically for others who simply entice you with crap, IF this were the case we would do a better JOB as citizens holding our public officials feet to the fire when they entice us to vote for them on things they say they will do and they don’t and do things we otherwise disagree with! GHEESH!!!!

Prescribed medbites

Keep out of Reach of Children? What are we teaching our children today? – These young adults scare me, THEY CAN VOTE????

***Maybe one way to fix this Countries problems is to take away their right to vote for a cycle or two? – YOU SAY???? – COMMENT BELOW!

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