Loudonville Teacher? – It’s time we start making examples of these people we trust!

This disgusting pervert needs to be made an example of, and more the reason we need tougher sentencing on those who hold a position of trust! Sick and tired of being of Christian faith yet made to believe we have no right to speak out, turn the cheek they say?

Brigitte Coles broke this news first on the MP Facebook page  – very appalling yet we are NOT surprised at the number of folks in a position of trust are breaking the law. More than most these people continue to get a slap on the wrist is quite ALARMING and its high time we take them out. The WMFD story here! 

Loudanville Teacher pervert2

R.C.C.L.S.G. – Richland County Common Law Study Group

If you are interested in seeing Justice for these people who continually get a slap on the wrist there is a new group in which you can learn more on how to fix these problems.

This County is CORRUPT, and the ONLY WAY to stop this is with an Independent Grand Jury unlike the Prosecutors play toy Grand Jury justice WILL be sought for. If you are interested in attending these meetings to can follow this link for more information or Join the Mansfielders Perspective Group who is now helping them get the needed attention they need. This is an independent group of like minded folks and we need your help!

The ONLY WAY you can make a difference is to attend one of these meetings, as they grow hopefully will be scheduling more than once a month. Find them HERE!!!! –



Loudanville Teacher pervert

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