Local resident Lee Ann Geary tells it like it is, and the MP agrees!

That’s ok Lee Ann, we pay them to attend a certain amount of meetings with the public in which they exceed. Maybe IF their time is so valuable I agree maybe they shouldn’t have taken office or made cuts to the number of public meetings they have, after all half of them I am sure are private being this office is NOTORIOUS for calling illegal executive sessions. You could ask Mike Skidmore who called them out on this, but he was sent to prison for 16 months for frivolous charges and defying unconstitutional rights violations for not complying to orders due to the fact he was refused counsel during a presentencing hearing.

That’s ok, tick tick tick we will hear from Mike again being he is in protective custody while the appeals process is delayed due to NEW counsel.

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  1. Phil says:

    Speaking of public meetings, we still need answers for this one.

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