Local police agencies step up focus on sex trade – I believe “we the people” should step up focus next!

They had better focus!, especially now that the State and Feds are in town. If any of them using this trade still themselves the crap will surely hit the fan. Maybe citizens should focus on the sex trade as well, this will assure NOBODY is getting a FREE PASS aka Professional Courtesy, you know? – Laws are different for some folks, just ask them! I would keep even a closer on PO’s, known for using these women when they can get away with it!

Local police agencies step up focus on sex trade

Jul. 29, 2013   |
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MANSFIELD — The FBI’s visit to Mansfield last week was not connected to Monday’s child prostitution arrests made in Cleveland, Cincinnati and 74 other metro areas around the country, but the news follows a series of sex-related arrests in the area.

On July 23, agents working with Cleveland police knocked on doors on Poplar Street following up on leads related to the murders of three East Cleveland women. Channel 3 News reported that a Cleveland law enforcement source said evidence suggested a possible link between accused serial killer, Michael Madison, and human trafficking.

In another unrelated incident later in the week, the Richland County Sheriff’s Office made six arrests at a Bellville hotel during a sting targeting a human trafficking operation.

The sheriff’s office Violent Crimes Impact Team, Major Crimes Unit and Special Deputy Unit charged Anton M. Marcum, 34, of Mansfield with compelling prostitution, a third-degree felony. Five women were charged with misdemeanor soliciting for prostitution.

Also, on July 18 Mansfield police arrested two people on soliciting prostitution charges during a sting using undercover officers.

James Austin

I emailed the sheriff’s department regarding someone who has child pornography on their computer and have never received a reply and the girl at the dispatch center told me that since I haven’t seen it with my “own eyes” it was only told to me in confidence by his terrified girlfriend, that they wouldn’t look in to it. Just one more pervert who gets away with this crap.
I wonder what the Sheriff is doing about with this information?  –  MP

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