Lexington Ohio man is KILLED!, media wants your Attention?

 What each and everyone of these “stories” fail to print is how this ALL started? Sounds to me by the WILD comments I have read that we have a MAJOR ISSUE getting missed in all the drama! We are MISSING the fact that people with issues have NO WHERE to go in Richland County in which many wind up DEAD! That’s right, DEAD! We as a people need to address these issues or those with so-called issues is about to escalate, that’s right, I said escalate!, and SOON! There is NO MISTAKE that this young mans death could have been prevented, there’s no mistake that his wife flushed his medications, there’s no mistake she called and said he had a gun, there’s no mistake that these officers were welcomed into his parents home because they were afraid, there’s no mistake that these Deputy’s went up those stairs unprepared for what was to come, there’s no mistake they did not have issued cameras to protect them from scrutiny “once again” I might add. There’s NO MISTAKE the Prosecutor, Sheriff, and other ELECTED HEADS showed up at the scene, THEY once again will have to explain and cover for their COWBOYS! Surely as the day is long we will once again be subjected to missed steps in this ordeal – TIME for CHANGE don’t you think?

There’s NO MISTAKE that those who are defending these Deputy’s say the PROBLEM IS SOLVED????  As you can see, I am pissed off again at the fact we the people have no where to turn knowing this is the result that comes about, not from specially trained know how to deal with situations like this cops, but those who know how to correct a PROBLEM that appears Richland County is not prepared to address, THE DRUG & MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES they so BLAME that many here PROFIT from. So much for Drug Court, Mental Health Court, bla, bla, bla – So much for those who scrutinize this website and group from the cover of craigslist who crow and get away with it! You find out who’s behind this!, you will find the root to all your PROBLEMS, starting with Drew Tyler who once again posted for the World to see who someone conveniently made comments disappear? 

Deputy shoots kills Lex man.

Man shot in Lexington said he had gun, made death threats.

Lexington man killed in exchange with law enforcement.

Man shot in Lexington incident might have been armed sheriff says.

It’s high time Mansfielders & those in the balance in Richland County WAKE UP!


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