Lexington council considers ideas for NEER site?; I say quit trashing the NEER name and put the ownership where it belongs, On EMERSON ELECTRIC who bought, used as a tax shelter, then sent the jobs overseas for Corporate greed!

What do you mean, did EMERSON dump this eyesore on Lex? How do these too big to fail companies get out from under their liabilities with their purchases, is this yet another loophole that these companies use; to put the burden on tax payers instead of investors?

I am a former employee of 27 years and like the many others quite frankly trying to forget the place ever existed, I am sure the others as well would like to see it leveled since these jobs are not coming back! I for one can say I’m sick and tired of the government taking on the burden of cleanup after these HUGE CORPORATIONS ship jobs overseas.

The GM’s and the EMERSONS of the World are destroying the very fabric this Country was founded on, WORK! – So quit DESTROYING the NEER name, this MESS was left by EMERSON!



Lexington council considers ideas for NEER site

Jul. 2, 2013   |
Written by
Mark Caudill
News Journal

LEXINGTON — The NEER Manufacturing Co. site might not be vacant much longer.

Two buildings with 79,000 square feet on 4.66 acres have been sitting empty on Mill Street for five years, since NEER went out of business.

The Poggemeyer Design Group is using grant money to conduct a feasibility study to see what can be done with the site. Members made a presentation at Monday’s village council meeting.

Ideas include turning the smaller building over to the Lexington Board of Education. That building is in good condition, according to Poggemeyer principal owner Linda Amos.

The second structure, which is three connected buildings, has a portion that is not in good condition. Poggemeyer proposes demolishing the middle section and renovating the north portion of that building to house the police department and an area for the park district, which would use the space for maintenance and vehicle storage for the Richland B&O Trail.

Officials plan to seek a third party for the rest of the building. Possible uses could include a medical facility, wellness center, light industry or banquet hall.

“This is the one that’s most up in the air,” Amos said. “Cost is always the bottom line.”

Village Mayor Gene Parkison emphasized the plans are preliminary.

“It’s much easier to work from something than to start with a blank piece of paper,” he said.

Village officials want to hear from residents to get their ideas for the property and plan to hold more public meetings.

Midway through Monday’s meeting, council took a recess to recognize Parkison, who has been involved in village government for 35 years. Council President Bob Jarvis read a proclamation declaring Monday as Gene Parkison Day.

The mayor’s wife and one of his sons attended.

“I had absolutely no knowledge,” Parkison said.

In his report to council, Parkison noted postal workers will operate out of the Mansfield office starting Aug. 24. Lexington’s branch will remain open. Parkison said there aren’t supposed to be any changes in delivery.

“It’s not a surprise,” he said of the announcement. “I’ve been expecting this since they started that reorganization.”

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