Letter writer stands by his views, despite the criticism

If Carol Maduri (Dec. 2) wants to label me as someone who is always bashing people who do not agree with me, that’s fine with me. She didn’t seem to have a problem with all the letters bashing President Barack Obama. She really revealed herself when she brought up my Muslim background. I have no reason in the world to be ashamed of that. Islam saved my life. I’m just as much American, or maybe even more, than those Ms. Maduri defends.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wis., in 1947. I moved to Ohio with family in 1950, to Mansfield in 1953. Ms. Maduri sounds like she thinks I’m from the Middle East. Not true. I’m a conservative black man who believes in diversity and in tolerance. I served in the U.S. Army and have worked in Mansfield most of my life. I worked for Westinghouse for 16 years and 20 years for juvenile court.

I’ve paid my dues and have retired.

I have the right to express my opinion or oppose any view I disagree with. This is my country. I pay taxes just like anyone else. I don’t go around trying to hide behind the American flag, the Bible or Koran. I call it as I see it. My views may not be popular in Richland County, but I will stand by them. I realize people in this area are set in their ways and do not like change. But the world is changing. This is not the 1950s.

People are starting to wake up in this country. Mansfield needs to get with the program. Before you get it twisted, I believe in the same God as you do, Ms. Maduri. A God of everyone, not just for you. Everyone must be counted. Not just Christians or Republicans. God created us all.

President Obama is American, too. He wants what’s best for the country. With all of the adversity against him, he won a second term.

He is your president, also. Accept it, support him. Quit listening to the hate. Get off the band wagon. Diversity is here.

Ahmad Rashad


Beth Wake · The Ohio State University

Mr. Rashad, I want to thank you for your letters. I realize your views are not popular in Richland County, but you are not alone in them, either, and I, for one, do appreciate your support and respect for our president. You write with great clarity, and I hope you will continue to express your thoughts in your letters.

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