Letter to the Editor, Response to sending cease and desist to place of employment?

Dear Tom Brennan I thought we were in agreement through silence of getting NO RESPONSE from your legal team stemming from a July 23, 2013 email shared below that I would not agree to signing of a blank page? I changed my format to include links as suggested along with full credit to reporter. This is my response to now your second letter publicly as my way of responding on the record. I have thoughtfully followed the “fair use” guidelines as response to being silenced on your site being blocked from commenting just as others have as well. I don’t think or believe my comments were of any legal concern to your site being these are just my perspective on some of these articles. I am curious now being you are pointing out 2 articles that are not favorable ones at that regarding news. My reporting or refuting the articles that pertained to the Brian Garber incident did not seem to pose a problem for it drove many hits to your site, and secondly giving reporter Kaitlin Durbin story of the year honors so I am confused in what has changed being you have allowed for me to continue after the changed made after your legal teams first attempt to stop the perspective. Surely we can be men about this and come to a win win that’s consistent in what we can call fair use. I do understand much to a degree, but do not understand what the REAL issue is. I hear the real issue mainly stemming from the article on James Mayer that opened many wounds of what really happened?


You want to talk to me personally about what’s changed or what the REAL ISSUE is its apparent you know where I work or you can e-mail – buckeyesyd@gmail – I have worked well with your reporters in the past and would like to continue supporting them, but still would like my personal opinion and criticism of these articles left alone. Like I said there’s enough room on the web for all of us, and agree I am not a pro, how ever opinions / perspectives matter and not one citizen who disagrees with you should ever be impeded. Cease and Desist is vague, I just want to know definitively what you mean? Please consider this your official response from me, I will await your answer being I heard you are on vacation?

Kaitlin Quinn Durbin – Phil, no one is blaming you. We want the community to share our stories, as long as you share by linking our website. Now that everything is going online, it makes a difference how our work is received. They’re not telling you to stop your blog or stop using our stories as discussion points. I want that to continue. But instead of copying and pasting the words, just link your blog to the original story and you’ll be fine. It’s all part of the changing world we’re in. I miss print-only days sometimes. Never stop questioning!
If this is what Gannet wants then maybe I can agree if I can at least use the portion of the article I am commenting on since you do “kill links” as the one I have here from last year? http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/errors/404/ – Memories I have found are short here in Mansfield / Richland County and if you remove the link you take away from my criticism or comments I can’t make otherwise.

I also understand this is a click issue where it’s said “I” make it possible for folks to read your articles for free which is not true, that’s already possible being I an not a subscriber like many others who frequent your site. If this was an issue you would realize your free trial makes your site free being it only recognizes cookies that can simply be trashed to reset free trial. If I can be of further assistance in this complaint I am sure being you and others “are watching” as people say you know full well you are capable of leaving a message on the blog or in the Mansfielders Perspective Group where I am sure your people are watching.

This is a cease and desist notice to not be calling or writing anymore letters addressed to this issue to where I work. You have issues with my work, lets keep it work not this! I will give you time to enjoy your vacation. Looking forward to speaking with you soon to resolve the REAL ISSUE with copy and paste since I can assume Drew Tyler is no longer laughing. Any and ALL calls and letters to my employer on this day forward WILL BE CONSIDERED HARASSMENT – STOP THE BS!

Thank you,

Sincerely Phil Sydnor

Examples of fair use typically involve, according to the Copyright Act of 1976, the reproduction of authored works for the purpose of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching …, scholarship, or research” (17 U.S.C.A. § 107). The same act also establishes a four-part test to determine fair use according to the following factors: (1) the purpose and character of the use, including whether such use is of a commercial nature or is for nonprofit educational purposes; (2) the nature of the copyrighted work; (3) the amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole; and (4) the effect of the use upon the potential market for, or value of, the copyrighted work (17 U.S.C.A. § 107).

No, I do not get paid advertisements or subscriptions for scrutiny. The is simply a personal vendetta to stop the truth.

Disagree? There’s a place below where you can post anonymously like THEY usually do.


The articles above in question give credit where credit is due.



Must be a formatting issue?








Tell me, would you sign a blank page in agreement to this?

Tell me, would you sign a blank page in agreement to this?


Original Response to 1st attempt to intimidate – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/gannett-law-department-sends-cease-letter-to-e-mail-is-this-legal-or-just-a-bully-tactic/ – No further action one would think they are in compliance? It’s a shame it has come to this, an attack on ones 1st Amendment Rights to refute and/or criticize the News.


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10 Responses to Letter to the Editor, Response to sending cease and desist to place of employment?

  1. Oh thios sounds just stupind on the part of MNJ. Oncve the MNJ publishes a paper it becomes public domain for use and CONsumption by the People of the community. Of course ot is copywrited material in conflict with public domain.
    Appears that want to be a news media and proapganda machine in support of the silent majority. I see it as this they lie present false and ambiguous information, when the public exposes it as lies deciet and fraud thatn they take down their link, hmmmm so a copywrite that is above refute. saunds a damn lot like nazi Propaganda and missing files… Just like our Nazi regime in Richland county. Simply “they” say so it must be true and no way to verifiy what they really said?? Oh this sounlds like reall progress freedom of the press and right to be heard. Lmfao.

  2. Phil says:

    E-Mail response from blog…


    Nothing has changed. All I am saying is that you cannot reprint News Journal stories on your site.

    You can be critical of those stories. You can be critical of the issues or public officials we write about. You can be critical of the News Journal and its reporting.

    Simply provide a link to our site if you wish for people to read the story as it was published. But, do not reprint the story. It is our work product and belongs to us. Reprinting or posting it is a copyright violation.

    Let me again repeat, this is not about you or your opinions. We defend your right to offer your opinion even if we do not agree with it. Just stop posting our stories.

    Please let me know if you still have questions.

    • Phil says:

      My response and/or question to the editor. Appears we are getting somewhere?


      Is there a way to keep the links active? I cannot do this when links disappear or are archived. I am simply quoting your stories for a reference for refutes when I found links would end or disappear. I am in no way stealing your articles or looking to get paid. I will admit I may be using more than fair use, so can we come to an agreement to just quote from your articles what I am referencing for dispute if you can’t keep links active?


      Phil Sydnor

      • Phil says:

        Response for the record.I checked with our web guy this morning and he said our links now remain active indefinitely. He said this changed with the introduction of our new web format last summer.

        I much prefer you use links. But, I don’t mind you quoting from a story. That means a sentence or two, not big blocks of type that amount to significant portions of a story.

        Try to use the links and let me know if you discover one that does not remain active. I will use your info to track down the problem.


        • Phil says:

          Thanks Editor Tom Brennan.Thanks Tom

          Lets give it a shot and see how it works. Any complaints please let me know exactly what the issue is, on large blocks I may need to reference a paragraph or less. Thanks for working with me to resolve the issue.

          Have a nice day!

  3. I81b4u says:

    Do you know Drew Tyler works with MNJ?

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Really, I do???? That’s interesting because if I do I am sure gonna be wanting my paychecks. But hey Ole Philly would be inclined to disagree because he thinks I work for some area of Law Enforcement, or the courts. He accused me of being the deceased Prosecutor and since I am still posting, I am obviously not him.

      • Phil says:

        You are a funny man there Drew Tyler, IF that’s who you are?
        I love the fact you have now limited your audience to the measly 5,000/day that view here daily and gave up on the small group on facebook. Appears you’re not as successful as once claimed being you have been forced to quit using facebook – https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.54?fref=ts

        I personally think you should come back to the MP group so others can ask you why you were labeled all these people you defend yet say you have nothing to do with here – https://www.facebook.com/groups/MansfieldersPerspective/

        You have been following, watching, and from time to time even stalking me where I work while hiding under the fake name of Drew Tyler. Sure you say you’re REAL, not anyone of these people you speak for makes you one of them. Maybe you haven’t been found out yet, but the day is nearing being you speak for those who work for us yet quietly say here you’re not any of them? Since you have taken on the role of anonymous refuter of the Mansfielders Perspective we can think you are whomever we want being you have not proved otherwise. You know, your label of corruption in Richland County – “Prove it” – lol!

        I like that you know, the more we play this game, the more people get the opportunity to learn. Now we can say you work for MNJ? – After all without the local so-called media giant the legal sham process here would never work, right?

        Your people know we have figured out your weakness, its called the Clerk of Courts – this is where ALL the corruption begins and ends, now its time like you keep saying to “prove it”. I think we have proved the fact they don’t like camera’s – hmmm? Now we need to prove how hired minions make people believe they can speak for the elected heads.

        Now that we have you in “WATCH”mode not speaking we have you right where the system has the simpletons, now that’s funny! Watch the agenda, we will be requesting those who security spoke for to go on the record to discuss those idle threats the team received for recording a simple public records request. MORE COMING by the way, so keep watching as we prove how screwed up our clerks office is.

        Tick, Tick, Tick as we take back the square – now that’s rotflmao, again and again…see you soon?

        • Phil says:

          IF you missed the blog, here it is – https://blog.mansfieldersperspective.com/visit-to-the-clerks-office-nets-issue-over-camera/

          We will be coming to discuss ON THE RECORD how our minions use words like “the prosecutor” or “the commissioner” said? Well, lets have a meeting and ask them shall we? That’s the rules, ask on the record cause I want to see the LAW that says camera’s are not allowed or cause enough disturbance to warrant “disorderly CONduct”?????

          Take a CLOSE LOOK my anonymous friend, you will see many have access to OUR clerks office, yet we have “NO BUSINESS” there? Let’s see…will you speak for Dave Leitenberger next? You can be him too IF you like, after all you speak for THEM, yet proclaim you are just a successful business man taking the time out of your busy day to entertain us? ENJOY your label my intrepid lol friend – you are thee anonymous speaker of fraud, so yes your Drew Tyler name is the label for ALL you claim we think you are. PLEASE COME BACK to the group you so ran away from and the account you have not touched in a year, PROVE IT is coming and there’s only one we can give credit – YOU!

          See you soon, maybe?

          While we wait for your response make sure you watch these video’s closely, I do believe you will notice frauds going on while the goons distract you. Watch particularly the people going into our clerks office while she’s not there, hmmm?

  4. puddintane911 says:

    Tom Brennan should lighten up being he is retiring in October.

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