Let’s answer the anonymous poster on craigslist, if we can? – Appears they have a few things incorrect…

Posted: 2013-03-20, 10:04PM EDT

re: Sounds like a stalker to me?

I have a facebook account Phil and when you were repeatedly handed your ass, called out in front of the class, made out to be the liar and fraud that you are and everyone began seeing exactly who and what you were, you blocked me. In fact, you even set up a “survey” on your cut and paste site and I think what 5 people then supposedly clicked to “block” me lol…I’m betting those 5 were you and your boyfriend TimeStupid. By the way, did he ever get his cardboard box fixed after the last windstorm? I heard you let him sleep in the dumpster behind ABC Warehouse for a while. He probably thought he moved into the Hilton lmao. Anyway, your cut and paste website isn’t any better than what you claim the MNJ did. You say it is not a censored site, that is a lie. If it isn’t censored, why can’t I leave comments on it? If it isn’t censored, why do you block those who call you out and prove you are a liar and a fraud. That’s something for you to sleep on before you go back to slinging washing machines Philly. I’m going to bed as soon as I get up from ROTFLMFAO.

Lets get this straight, I don’t have time to waste on who ever you are? One can only guess since you don’t say who you are that you could be the once invincible Drew Tyler with the made up facebook account that has no friends, no pictures, etc. – https://www.facebook.com/drew.tyler.54 

Maybe since we have your attention again you can share again the lies and the frauds that were committed that you so say you proved? Keep in mind what this site is called “Mansfielders Perspective”,  just because MY perspective is a differing view than yours does not make yours right as I have proven how you make things as they are not, like my DV charge where I was not convicted for beating anyone by anyone except you – that’s YOUR perspective, and does not make it true!, or you would be siding with us on many of the issues in the courts where all criminals get here are slaps on the wrist in the revolving door of crime here. It’s also funny how I don’t have a criminal record like many you have probably defended here who have records a mile long. Perhaps this is why you attack a one time offender who knows your game? Is what we are doing bad for business in Mansfield? – I hope so!       I’m willing to bet this is why you HATE this site, it exposes this!

Maybe once the booze wears off you can read through your “poppycock” another term used loosely by the legal profession here when they get embarrassed by those who are beneath the sociopath and narcissists here.

Search Drew Tyler here on “Tell it like it is” – I get tired of being distracted by this nutcase who can’t stand anyone knowing who they REALLY ARE, they say you have to be nuts to do that – REALLY?  My perspective is…you have to be nuts if you believe anyone who can’t stand behind what they say! You know WHY they won’t? – it’s not about retribution, it’s about revealing who would get sued!

If Drew proved I was a liar and a fraud, then think about this…Why do they know EXACTLY who I am, and where I work, but have never sued? That’s not what narcissists and sociopaths do for the FEAR of losing! That’s why they don’t like the education many get here regarding the dance of justice in Mansfield – “The Plea Deal”. THEY call this site a joke, when the joke is actually the “plea deal”, which will be their comeback – “you took one”. NO SHIT SHERLOCK, that’s how ALL deadbeat Attorney’s roll, so to answer your question below,  my Attorney was one of the many crackerjacks here and should be glad he was not turned over to the Bar Association for his piss poor defense and not listening to the one who hired him! One can only take so many deals before they say enough, and that’s what I did. Maybe you can tell him I think he sucks, next time, if there ever is one, you can be rest assured I will not get council here! So keep up with your BS and you’ll find out my stalker friend.



Posted: 2013-03-20, 9:58PM EDT

RE: He’s threatening me? (wussville)

Is this the same “crackerjack” attorney who represented you when you got arrested for domestic violence for beating your wife? Or perhaps it is the same attorney who represented your boyfriend Byron when he got arrested, Seems like you know who they are Phil. No wonder people look at you and ROTFLMAO.

 Not sure, I am thinking only you would know, birds of a feather flock together you know? I do like how you keep trying to win over readers by trying to make me out to one who condones and defends criminal behavior when you know it’s the furthest from the truth, if you read my blogs you would know this. You got the arrested for domestic violence right because there is a record, but there’s two things incorrect about your data; one is I was not married in 2001, and I was not charged with “beating” anyone – I accepted NO DEALS contrary to your made up belief my delusional friend. If I would have beaten anyone, don’t you think the court records would depict this? – Instead to keep their conviction record intact we all know a deal must be made, that’s in a nutshell how things work in RC like it or not. IF my crime was serious as you try and make it out to be, then why is my record on the Mansfield Municipal site? – I’ll answer for you! – they didn’t take this crime as serious as you keep making it. So piss off before you get those harassment charges based on what you believe is true VS what is true, even a student of the law like yourself should know this, you can’t claim ignorance to it, you’ve been warned here!


RE: Harassment?, you poor ex-public worker – lol! (You want more?)

ROTFLMFAO Phil that was great.  Wow you really got your panties in a twist again.  Before you go posting links to ORC sections, perhaps you should read them first dumb ass.  The link you posted dealt with school districts and how they are to address and what is defined as bullying.  That was hilarious.  Of course, since you keep getting your ass spanked and sent home crying like a school girl, perhaps that link does apply.  I remember when you tried to intimidate me by posting a law code section, but it wasn’t even for the state of Ohio.  You are such a loser.  The problem is, you still haven’t found one single law, the Sheriff’s Dept. hasn’t found a single law, the Attorney General’s Office hasn’t found a single law and of course you claim to have called the BCI on me but that is yet unsubstantiated and I am guessing just another piece of bullshit that flows from your lips.  You claim let the lawsuits begin…well I have been telling you that for years.  I’m still here, haven’t been sued, haven’t been arrested, nothing.  Why?  Hmmmm seems like you don’t seem to have all the pull you think you do.  Of course, even if you did, unless I break the law, isn’t anything anyone can do.  Can’t sue me for slander or defamantion of character because what I have said about you is true…and of course, you don’t have any character, so there is nothing to defame.  It is so easy to get your pissed and mad and you keep coming back for more.  Thats ok, I enjoy spanking your dumb ass and sending you home bawling.  As always, I’m ROTFLMFAO, over and over and over and over.

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Posted:2013-03-20,  9:55PM EDT

I knew I could get a response from the well versed in law here in Mansfield – ROTFLMO! – I am willing to bet since they won’t share who they are, not for fear of what their fragile friend would do to them, but what it would expose to what their fragile friend is dealing with, which by the way has been diagnosed as a narcissistic sociopath who believes they are the light, a know it all God if you will? They leave me ROTFLMAO because the only place on earth they can post their poppycock is on craigslist!, why not here you may ask?…

Because they can’t remove comments they make, and they can’t flag or censor what is said here! This is ALL the proof one needs, the proof to keep it real.

You probably know by now why I don’t waste my time with the News Journal comments or craigslist, THEY can’t flag the TRUTH HERE, or sue me for it for that matter.


Just like how your friend stalked his ex-wife and got in trouble, keep it up and that BIG DAY for you shall come. Maybe since your well versed you would know this – http://www.ncsl.org/issues-research/telecom/cyberstalking-and-cyberharassment-laws.aspx

keep it up BIG BOY, you’re getting closer!




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