Let the Officer Garn Trial begin!

Interesting opening statements coming from local news

Mansfield cop’s trial starts with opening statements

Screenshot_2016-02-12-22-31-39-1Garn, 41, was indicted Feb. 12 on 40 charges, including 25 felonies. The charges include 17 counts of misuse of the Law Enforcement Automated Data System, 14 counts of dereliction of duty, burglary, trespassing into habitation, attempted gross sexual imposition, attempted sexual battery, two counts of tampering with evidence, sexual battery and public indecency.

“It’s a sign, you go down to the police department, it says ‘Mansfield’s finest’,” said prosecutor Clifford Murphy, who is representing the state in the matter. “One of the issues in this case is, was that standard met.” – Integrity of the Justice system is key!, especially for those who enforce the laws.

During the defendant’s opening statements, attorney Kimberly Corral dismissed the claims by the women, suggesting they have no credibility. – This is TRUE, it’s EASY to abuse those with a criminal history, remember the abuse of power John Mayer used when the State fired him? This is what happens when you don’t check these narcissistic sociopaths, they CONtinue to do dirty deeds until they get caught like this, how ever you better have video because like Judge DeWeese found in the John Mayer case the witnesses were simply “unbelievable”. So can and WILL this Officer get away with this? I believe so! He may get fired, but like ALL THE REST he will either get to retire under disability or another agency most likely in this County will be hired or retain employment elsewhere.

Wall of Shame – others who have already made the wall permanently, what many Mansfielder Perspective haters hate, equal justice!

Being the “victims” made a settlement the payoff will sure mean dividends in this case?

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