Let the Mike Skidmore Trial begin, or is it case closed?

PINAC Unedited 47 minute video back up and running of the July 9th incident at a public meeting in the Richland County Ohio Building.


You watch, then decide. Did you hear where Mike Skidmore was told to leave or where he was Disorderly? Nobody else there on this day did either, these witnesses still have not been contacted with another hearing scheduled for 1/8/2016 Yet case# 2015 CR 0664 or Michael Skidmore says CLOSED???

Courtview to lockup this case?

Snap shot of reference, no guns, they are checked for at the door. Cameras the last time I checked were not weapons unless you consider what’s caught on them?

The public early on was led to believe Mike Skidmore was told to leave, when in FACT all citizens who showed up for the July 9th meeting were told to leave. Mysteriously the agenda we have via email changed, here you will see here on short notice we were told they were starting with an executive session that stemmed from a meeting prior. I have still not found the minutes of that meeting that depicts this?

Finally after a brief clarification of how an executive session works they decided to let the group into their meeting for the question that drove the executive session to be asked. As you will see the Commissioners clearly disagree in how the process of executive session works. Mike Skidmore calmly explains a few grievances i.e. name badges worn by staff turned backwards. In turn recorder Stacy Crall welcomes Mike Skidmore to look at her badge, he then reaches to record it and Commissioner Johns depicts inappropriate touching. Mr Skidmore then gets re-seated and explains County staff inappropriately puts its hands on the public. Ms Johns don’t know what he is talking about and Mr Skidmore explains she can find out if she would look it up? I will post this inappropriate touching Mr Skidmore explains following the next video as reference to what he is talking about. Lets watch as Ms Johns has a staff member get security in a secret manner, what ensues appears to be a clear violation of Mr Skidmores space being there were no words exchanged prior to hands once again being put on him. I believe this stemming from the prior month why Mr Skidmore reacted the way he did?

Here is what I feel Mr Skidmore was referencing when he said the County Building staff puts their hands on the public. In the video it was found this was head of security Dave Leitenberger who reluctantly said who he was along with Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer who refused to say who he was. I believe it was this incident in the next 2 videos that led to Mr Skidmore’s last video with RCSO that they depict was a planned attack on this day? Not sure how you plan an attack with weapons as you see checked at the door and knowing unnamed security has guns??

For the record these videos were of a public records request that allegedly was uncovering fraud documents filed by the Clerks office. Appears they didn’t like the scrutiny of these records more than being scared they were being recorded. Surely could have been handled more professionally by what they call Building security and one who is now running for Sheriff?

Above, Matt Mayor anonymous security could be your next Sheriff? –  Are we kidding!!!!

Next is the video in question that makes believe somekind of Conspiracy theory against the Richland County Commissioners planned attack? Not so sure this depicts a plan other than a what if scenario that could happen? If you ask me it was ironic assault training going on nearby just happened to be that day. Its also ironic they made a new rule to give 24hrs advance notice to attend meetings now when they surely knew full well a few citizens were planning on attending on this day with many questions. I attended solely as a witness and planned to record as well not knowing this so called plan? I found that suggestion really interesting being it clearly looked like a plan of sorts, whom ever planned is the question? My guess would be those who were clearly tired of Mr Shepherd and Mr Skidmore snooping around public records questioning their integrity. Oddly enough not sure the following video depicts a plan?

Interesting enough now this case appears closed on the County site? Surely will be interesting to follow none the less.

Please comment being I love the public perspective on stuff like this, what do you think?

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Screenshot_2016-01-08-18-43-38-1Case closed, yet trial dates without a new case#??? Anyone know what this means?


All these dates, case closed, anyone else CONfused after the MNJ reported this to start in February, how can anyone follow this?

Skidmore Trial set for February????

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