Lawsuit filed against Community Alternative Center – Small print again, hmmm???

MANSFIELD — Edwin Griffeth has filed another lawsuit. and once again the News Journal makes a BIG DEAL of it, “another lawsuit? – This is ONLY his second lawsuit, the first in which was effected by the contents of this legal mail that was spread about the corrupt in office!. We will see what happens this time my friends, from what I hear from an insider Judge DeWeese threw papers in the air of this news knowing MORE was yet to come knowing they escaped the wrath of what we all know called the Consitution of the United States.

Any takers that this will have a different outcome?, especially now that Mr. Trittshit has admitted he and the County are above all?. 


In 2010, Griffeth and Jennifer Leech filed a lawsuit against 27 defendants, alleging violations of their rights under state and federal law. Former Adult Parole Supervisor John Mayer was later dismissed from the suit.

Mayer was fired in 2009 in connection with his actions during the November 2008 arrest of Griffeth, who reportedly was romantically involved with Leech, Mayer’s ex-wife.

Griffeth’s new suit, filed Nov. 1, is against the Richland County Community Alternative Center, a cost-effective alternative to jail where nonviolent offenders can do their time and keep their jobs.

Interesting!, Ed was considered dangerous according to John Mayer?. He was worried Jens daughter was in DANGER – lol!. I know everyone involved, NOBODY was in danger and the Courts must have agreed or they would have violated him and sent him back to prison, after all, he did break parole by their standards?

Through attorney Bryon Corley, Griffeth alleges negligence against the CAC, claiming employees opened, copied and distributed his legal correspondence. As a result, the suit alleges, he experienced a “deprivation of his person, prejudice to his federal lawsuit, anxiety, distress and humiliation.”

Wouldn’t ANYONE think this if their PRIVATE mail was opened?. Lets not forget this was legal mail, and the content had relevance to his Federal case.

Griffeth is seeking a sum “that will fully and fairly compensate him for his injuries.”

Griffeth was a CAC resident on Oct. 30, 2010. According to his suit, he was permitted to receive legal correspondence addressed to him, clearly bearing the return address of an attorney. The plaintiff alleges he received certified legal correspondence with a postmark of Oct. 31, 2010. Griffeth claims when he got the mail, the certified “green card” was detached and the envelope was open.

100% illegal by the way.

Griffeth claims CAC personnel then improperly distributed confidential information concerning his federal lawsuit.

He is requesting a jury trial.

Tom Trittschuh, CAC program director, said earlier this week he has not been served with the suit and could not comment on it. He did, however, say the CAC is not under the same restrictions that jails and prisons face regarding inmate mail.

Who told you this Mr Trittschuh?, Johns brother the prosecutor?, or is there something you know about local law that State and Federal doesn’t. I think you are sadly mistaken, and will find out in due time. I don’t believe you have the same “immunity” John received from the State resulting in him NEVER working for them again….EVER!

Let us NOT FORGET after John got away with a DUI thanks to professional courtesy @ the Richland County Sheriffs office, he was FIRED, then hired by the CAC “AFTER” Mr Griffeth was ordered to stay there by Johns other friend in the system “James DeWeese”.

The CAC is NOW in quite a pickle for thinking John was getting his job back, now they will suffer consequences for their wrong doing.

The only comment on the MNJ – hmmm?

  • No comments, hmmmmm – I wonder why? Who says the CAC doesn’t have to follow the same rules as jail and prison. You’ll find out, you CAN’T open legal mail, regardless of WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE!

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Hey NEWS JOURNAL, what’s up with the “another lawsuit” ? – this is only his second lawsuit, it’s not his fault the perverted Courts dragged the first one out over a year, a lot had to do with this!. You cannot open legal mail, I DON’T CARE WHO YOU ARE!!!!!, it’s a Federal offense that will warrant prison time for the offender(s).
  • No comments, hmmmmm – I wonder why? Who says the CAC doesn’t have to follow the same rules as jail and prison. You’ll find out, you CAN’T open legal mail, regardless of WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE!

    • Gettem Eddie!
    • Hey, IF the Lawsuits don’t stop them, my making folks aware of the waste on should do it!. I’m not scared of the threats anymore, I will be better off as a marter for “the people”, and we call those in the Middle East terrorists?.
    Above comments you will not see on their (MNJ) site, the great protectors against the TRUTH.

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