Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, August 15th 2016

Richland County Creates Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

  • 8/15/2016 3:54:15 PM
  • Greg Heindel
  • Local News

Nicely done in secrecy without any public involvement, business as usual as we watch how appreciative the community is?

Should this appreciation not been done on a larger stage, rather than in the privacy of those who feel protected when others don’t?

Speak now or forever hold your peace!


Interesting group of who’s who, so I wonder where the Official record of who signed this proclamation will be kept? Its said many in this photo can’t possibly sign it due to unforeseen law violations not being reported making this day null & void. Its said the board of Commissioners are not bonded by law, Ohio Revised Code meaning at least 3 in this picture unqualified to sign. Its also said Bellville Mayor Banks resigned his post prior to signing further leaving the proclamation questionable?

The TRUTH is we shouldn’t need a day of proclamation for appreciation, what we really need is a proclamation for the safety of citizens for it appears we have forgotten the Oath of serving the people?

Sure, its appreciated that Officers follow those who signed this proclamations orders to protect them, but what about the rest of the people in the Community? How safe do they feel knowing they must protect themselves with the rise in self defense, where is the public’s appreciation and how do they feel? Sure, the majority are blocked from questioning politics, just ask Mr Skidmore who’s protected?


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