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Mansfield Persp./C-list/ Facebook (Mansfield)

Date: 2012-07-05, 10:48PM EDT
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I find it comical that someone would flag my original post about this joke of a website/individual that merely tries to solicit problems here and on Facebook and the sub-moronic Mansf. Persp. “site”.

What’s the matter? Don’t like someone with a genuine UNBIASED opinion about what a petty person you look like on all 3 webpages? You bitch about being blocked and censored but do the same to those that don’t agree with your lame shit.

My original “flagged/removed” post.
So I took some time to peruse the MP “website” or page because I myself am growing more and more tired of our County Commishes doing whatever they please (such as the 10.00 license plate tax and 1/4% income tax). What a perfectly pathetic set up. Why not spend a few dollars and actually have a FORUM that would be much more user friendly?

The topics on the site are, for the most part, what appear to be mainly wild accusations and implications with absolutely nothing to base them on or back them up.

So I thought I’d check out the FB page next assuming that since the blog page sucks so bad that the FB page would be much more organized and user friendly. The FB page is nothing but a Phil Snydor copying and pasting post after post from here on Craigslist and commenting on them. The FB page also had a few topics that contained wild accusations and implications. For example, implying that the City of Mansfield is now into the arson business for profit.

After looking at both pages and reading some of the inane drivel there and here touting what great places those are for exposing the truth, etc…I’m going to go out on a limb and state that someone is completely full of shit and needs to be fitted for one of those nifty coats with the arms that buckle in the back. Both pages look like something a paranoid teenager might concoct. I think someone needs to spend less time fabricating the truth.

You want to do something to benefit the people of Richland County? Start by initiating a recall or recalls against some of the recent taxes levied by our commishes without our say so. Recall the commishes. Campaign against them for your candidate with FACTS, not wild baseless implications.

As it stands now, at least to me, there is no credibility to virtually anything on either page and your pathetic posts here on Craigslist are infantile.

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  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Funny thing is…the one who posted this went out of their way giving me what would appear undue attention IF what they say were TRUE – lol!.

    Why is this person concerned and saying this stuff if they were not part of what most people join this site for, to put an end to the ever growing corruption!.

    If this site has NO MERIT, ask John Mayer IF he’s getting his job back or any of the others that have been exposed here. You say this is ALL drivel, please explain…. Especially the part where YOU say I personally claimed the City is in the arson business. I would love to SEE this post made by me – lol!, an NO – I haven’t REMOVED IT!.

    Believe it or not anonymous poster, we are more on the same page than not. Maybe you’ll be the NEXT of many who have aleady came out to where those who try to scare me off posting where I work?. Have a NICE day my friend?.

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