Last 2 rants & raves on craigslist – Let’s see if they come here to TRY and remove?

Here is what THEY don’t want you to read or know.

The Craigslist ploy is over when everytime you refute THEIR crap it’s removed.

Done with Craigslist, so if you want a RESPONSE, it will have to take place here!

My response from 7/24 which has been CENSORED!

This posting has been flagged for removal. [?]

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Correction for…Another falsehood (My last response)

Date: 2012-07-24, 8:00AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Have you noticed that Phil isn’t using his place of employment and links to his website in the same post anymore? He and Rich DID have a talk like Phil said they would. haha. Our boss let him know the company policy.

The TRUTH is….Phil and Rich have never spoke about the postings on craigslist, how ever did speak with the Mike “THE GM”. The discussion involved responding on craigslist to unknown people who’s intentions were to intimidate by posting falsehoods and half truths, kind of like what they do in a local paper to confuse the voters.

It was advised to him “the truth” – the truth is…the place of employment and links to website were never put up by him ever in any one post, this came from those who were putting it out there as a way to intimidate. Since that didn’t work, they took it to another level by depicting they will not shop there if Phil is working there. Is this how politics will be here in Mansfield?, you disagree with someone and you threaten there place of employment?. I’ve got NEWS…this is why Mansfield / RC is going broke when many give in to this and join the masses on welfare and SSI. As you have seen they have resorted to saying Phil is mental and hangs with the criminal element, BOTH of which are not true or he would already be on assistance. These tyrants who don’t want you to know the truth may get their way, and when they do…who will pay for it? – that’s right, the tax payers.

I did advise how ever I will not be suckered into responding to those who write these stories since they are turning out to look bad on the store, instead if and when they continue like they did the Attorney Generals office will be involved since we know how many cases are simply swept from the desks knowing not all are protected here.

Since I do not know who or what I am speaking with on here, I personally have finished using craigslist as a way to gain visitors to the website where I will CONTINUE my work in peace knowing those who post here will not post there without having to go through making a fake facebook account which can easily be shut down.

FYI – There is NO COMPANY POLICY ANYWHERE that limits your freedom of speech that can get you fired, atleast this is not the terminology they will use risking a lawsuit. To make a long story short, I am leaving craigslist to avoid any trouble because every customer is important to our GM and I can respect his wishes and advised I will leave here, but I will not stop with my blogs. We’ll see how those who don’t like it respond, but will remind them…My call will not be to their employer, not because I don’t know who they are, but because what they are doing is prevented by law.

Next time you call my employer, make sure you reference this message; Since you have taken it to your extreme, and put them in a pickle like you do – Consider yourself WARNED now that I’m leaving…You leave rants like you did, the AG WILL BE CALLED!.

I leave in peace, and regretfully say I am sorry some people are the way they are, and we wonder why so many are leaving?.

Surely there will be a few last jabs, but will assure there will be NO RESPONSE knowing this is what they want. They want to speak with me, they can do it where I work, or they can leave their messages on facebook or website where we will know who they are.

I’m done responding to the delusional who hide behind a keyboard, they are nothing but cowardly terrorists who apparently lost their medication.


Today’s LAST response not removed yet!, give them time…THEY don’t want you reading this…
mansfield craigslist > personals > rants & raves


Date: 2012-07-25, 3:30AM EDT
Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here

Have you noticed that Phil isn’t using his place of employment and links to his website in the same post anymore? He and Rich DID have a talk like Phil said they would. haha. Our boss let him know the company policy. – “Our Boss”????, then you would know Rich is the store manager and not the GM, the GM is Jimmie, and as of Monday I spoke with the VP Mike whom I advised I would handle this. This is MY way to handle this…There’s NO COMPANY POLICY that depicts restraints on freedom of speech, how ever the one(s) who are posting my name and where I work again will need council this day forward – GUARANTEED, the AG will be called.

I advised I would take care of this, next negative post on this business with false accusations about me and the Ohio AG office will be getting involved. Regardless that the rants are removed, I still have them on my site.

To the one(s) posting this crap (another lie), along with threatening me with my employer, I can do much better calling every owner of every business in the Mall? – Two can play that game. Then we’ll see how you like explaining why your posting on craigslist?.

FYI – The GM (Jimmie) will be at the store Thursday, maybe we can get together and have a meeting about this? – then we’ll see what “Our Boss” says, I already promised the VP this WILL STOP, that once again I GUARANTEE!.

My work is done here, you clowns can’t deflect this! – THE TRUTH…wanna do anymore talking, you will have to get my attention on the MP site, not here!

Make sure you take the MP craigslist poll on who you believe should leave craigslist, regardless…I am done wasting energy on CENSORSHIP, therefor give up on CL.

The poll is at the bottom of first page on MP site here –

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  1. buckeyesyd says:

    Thank you for the support my friends, we will not let the tyrants control us!

    re: hahahaha (Someone who knows…)

    Date: 2012-07-25, 9:49AM EDT
    Reply to:


    Date: 2012-07-25, 8:38AM EDT


    i’ve read through the posts and no one ever said they reported you because you were using your name and place of employment. they said you were reported because you were using your website and place of employment. apparently the store agreed.

    your work is done here??! you promise!? we really hope you ARE telling the TRUTH this time.

    FYI – The only thing agreed on between Syd and the VP was to make the negativety towards the store go away, the agreement since you don’t know is Syd will take legal action if it continues, for Syd agreed with the VP that EVERY customer is IMPORTANT and will take the complaint serious. I know for a fact Syd has NEVER promoted his website and the store in ANY post or you would oblige by copy & paste proof. I think you are refering to where he did not deny where he worked, for he is proud to work there regardless of the snide remarks made towards his defense against the haters who were the ones posting the site and place of employment as a way to intimidate and silence his rants. It is not against store policy to promote yourself on facebook because it is there idea that we do so, how ever this became a problem when some moron took this personal information and used it as a way to intimidate and put fear into him as we see his refutes get flagged immediately – with this, I am glad he’s moved on from this crackpot site and posted them where he also greed he will keep his rants to, on his own site where comments and refutes are not censored. Here if a reader comes in from the outside, they will see what’s going on.

    The agreement he made is he will not entertain those who hide behind a keyboard here, and I see he has already posted a blog that shows the people on his site what you will not allow here. Maybe you should take a look, YES – I would say…he’s done here as promised –

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