Kris Anne Hall, Constitutionalist worth the listen! “Mike Skidmore is a Political Prisoner?”

I have been listening to Kris Anne Hall for some time now, don’t we wish we had a local advocate like her to stand up against Tyranny? Speaking of Voting, do we ever get a choice, or is it just a NEW face of status quo? It sure appears that way!

Have you ever watched how humans are conditioned by conditions that are eroding the American process?

Yes, The Mike Skidmore trial was a PERFECT example of conditionong American behavior when it comes to where its safe to protest! Did Mike Skidmore attend a public meeting where you are afforded a right to question Elected Officials on the record? = YES! Was Mr Skidmore afforded the right to question? = NO!

He was not told to leave or called disorderly as they say in a public meeting, yet thats how it was portrayed in our local media and in his trial. Now some suggest his trial is over & the people have ruled? Not so fast! – Have you not kept up with this docket? It appears there’s some UNFINISHED business? Like a MOTION filed for a NEW TRIAL due to evidence witheld, and a friend of the Court Amicus Curiae that has a motion to be struck, do we believe its simply ok to close a case BEFORE the Judge overseeing the case answers in writing? Am I missing something, why is there no entry on the Judgments on these motions, someone hiding something again from the public?

Dont believe me by all means check the Court record yourself! Here’s the case#…


Here is the link to the Clerk of Courts docket which appears once again to have flaws by rules of practice, you say?

Here is a snap shot of what needs to have an answer by rules of practice?


6/21, 6/23, and 6/30 filings were accepted & paid for but have not been answered all the while the case appears to the average citizen following this case as CLOSED simply because Mr Skidmore was sentenced and the media has spoken, is that how we believe this works, or is there more to come as folks are led to believe this is over?

I was personally advised the hearing for a retrial will be in September, all the while Mr Skidmore sits in prison, does that make sense if what was intentionally left out of this trial by the Prosecutor? I would hope IF by a slim chance this Judge Reinbold see’s fit a NEW trial after assuming Mike exercising his right to remain silent as defiance to a Judge he never appeared before that misconduct charges are coming? Along with proper inducing panic charges on the man truly responsible for the panic when he discharged his weapon willingly in defiance of the deadly force policy he was so trained on. Using the LIE he was temporarily knocked out is ludicrous without professional testimony that was possible as we see clearly on video this man was completely aware and not knocked out as he racked his weapon to clear a jam so he could fired again. Then while watching Kochis fight with Mr Skidmire a Marine in fear for his life after a shot was fired has the ability to fix his watch before re-assisting Kochis in maintaining Mr Skidmore who feared this could happen knowing from prior encounters they were tired of his line of questioning as you can find on his site.

Please give me your feedback below, something is simply not right about any of this when you need a camera in fear something you think could happen does? I am personally still in shock how everything went down, especially this trial!

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