Ken O’Keefe Tells It Like It Is, a comparison to Mike Skidmore…

Interesting Youtube was shared in my Mansfielders Perspective “Group” on Facebook, quite the difference from our hater copycat community looking to do just what this video entails. A 60 minute listen and quite the perspective on the State of our Nation. I personally think we should all do a better job looking for the TRUTH, none of which can be found surely in that copycat community for the #1 reason being the founder not being forthcoming on who they are or what they are about, besides hate! This hate stems particularly with my groups truth on the State and the truth behind a man like Ken O’Keefe who was captured by the State due to simply differing perspectives. That’s right, I don’t believe Mike Skidmore is a terrorist as much as he may be an anarchist being he seems to have similar points of view as here which are Interesting!

Lets give the Youtube a watch and you will see for the most part what my Mansfielders Perspective Group is for the most part. I do have a slightly different perspective that not necessarily means having to be anonymous or leaving the Country like Mr O’Keefe, Constitutionally I believe its not necessary if we can fix the laws that are perverting OUR CONstitution. Give it a look, and discuss below… My groups haters Drew Tyler & Izzy Bogart are more than welcome to chime in with their perspectives IF they can keep it real?

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