Justice for Brian will join “Occupy Mansfield” Sept.11th Downtown Mansfield for an all day event!


Mansfielder’s have to ask themselves, why do we Local, State, and Federal Government here yet have so many problems? Crony Capitalism, Nepotism, Abuse of POWER just to name a few. What’s this called you say, in most cases it’s RACKETEERING!!!!!!

How do they get away with this? – Corruption in the Courts, and the Clerk of Courts getting hijacked! Rubber stamps, Magistrates playing Judge, lost or tampered records are just a few ways the people are getting Oppressed.

Then add in the FACT that Laws are different depending on social status which allows for what Law Enforcement calls “Professional Courtesy” and the Supreme Courts grants as “Immunity” – This is abuse of power my friends, NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY is above the law. Yes for those religious followers we are suppose to follow the laws of the land Romans 13:1-14 , but do you REALLY believe they are following the RULES OF THE LAND?

No they are not!  – You can see and find the many perverted deals made that pervert the laws of the land in what they call innocently enough the “PLEA DEAL”, here is where many get lost and confused when dealing with the Courts and fear bestowed upon them with the many non victim crimes on the books. It is said they can convict a peanut butter sandwich, and Attorney’s would never fight that would they? They sure don’t! – you don’t have a better system in which you can extort money and oppress the people, but first they need to know this is happening to them when they hire Counsel that abuses your rights. Speedy trials are not used anymore, and the only right they think you have is the right to remain silent! Well my friends, it’s time to be heard on September 11th on the Mansfield Square mainly around the Courts where much of our oppression begins.

Why do we protest? This very system is designed particularly to protect the common criminal, especially those who are familiar with this system who have rap sheets a mile long!

Do you feel safe?, many of us don’t anymore because we don’t know who’s who anymore? Don’t get this wrong not everyone is a criminal who’s been through this system, some are just ordinary people who have had their lives turned upside who need to know what’s going on here, there are people in this group who can more than likely show you how you been wronged by this system and how to fix it! The number one thing one can do in this system is to not accept a deal, but then again that takes BIG MONEY!, things that make you say hmmm? What happens to you when you make these deals, depends once again on who you ask?

Believe me when I say this!, they know full well how to control you. Here’s just ONE story of a Judge who wants special treatment because THEY KNOW! Here’s the Judges story busted for DWI says “You are going to ruin my life” – That’s not all!!!!! – READ ON…

How many times have we seen the preferential treatment here? We have seen the likes of those who collect disability and get caught working just to become Safety Director of Mansfield Lori Cope – NO RECORD, we have seen Sherri Robertson caught OVI promoted recently. There’s the FIRED BUTLER Chief connection where not one, but 2 fired Chiefs were hired by the County as Investigators for the County? We have a school teacher from Madison who stole upwards of $50,000 from parents that never spent a day in jail. We have a FIRED by the State APA Supervisor who also has been added recently to the County club of nepotism who was hired by his old boss Dave Leitenberger whom he worked with at the State level, birds of a feather my friends. This is just the last few years people alone here on the “Wall of Shame” – why do THEY demand special treatment while harassing others? Had enough?, join us September 11th downtown Mansfield.

Now, last but not least! – Are we going to let them get away with the worst crime of all – MURDER? That’s exactly what happened when Deputy’s responded to a 911 call in which they are using “he has a gun” and a text message “I now have a gun too” as reason enough to kill a man in cold blood who had no gun, matter of fact there wasn’t a gun found in the entire home in which he was KILLED!!!!! The home by the way not where the 911 call was made, but a home where he found refuge and peace away from the domestic dispute. The family don’t want your money, they want Justice for their son, husband, cousin, grandson – that’s it! We must STOP this violence brought on by this perverted system in which justice does not exist.

I like one protesters shirt last week, it said…”NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE – KNOW JUSTICE, KNOW PEACE” – This will not happen until Justice and Integrity to the system is restored.

You can show up and learn more, or stay home and be happy with more yet to come. Many will do nothing until they are in one way or another touched by such an event. See you there!!!!


You want to refute this blog? There’s a facebook link in which you can refute if you like, DON’T BE AFRAID, we are not criminals as they would like for you to believe, the criminals are those who send the likes of a fake account called Drew Tyler to speak for them. Don’t you want to know who DREW TYLER is??????, I do!!!!!!!!!

Nobody wants to hurt Drew, some just want to stand before their accuser. We just find is curious to why THEY laugh and won’t check out who belongs to this perverted account while they harass all those who oppose its anonymity??????

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911 Protest

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