Just when you thought the PROBLEM was at the Federal Level, they send us this very telling message…

Let’s see now if the readers are starting to see the problem here?

Today’s NEWS in the MNJ, and they say I’m gloom and doom? Get ready, REALITY is about to hit you head on!

Income tax hike would cover safety expenses

Interesting!, needed to highlight something to see what you think?

“The state came in a couple weeks ago and informed us that with income increasing at 2 to 3 percent a year and the cost of insurance rising at 10 percent a year, by the year 2018 we’ll be back in debt by $1.8 million,” Mansfield Mayor Tim Theaker said.

I wonder why they think they are better than those they serve? Taking MORE from those who already give enough is not going to FIX this problem.

Does this Mayer not see this Country is BROKE?, and the Largest reason why is because of local leeches and their need for more, more, more while others are forced to work for less, less, less? Do your F’n J-O-B and CREATE a larger tax base as our fair Governor would say, quit playing the SHELL GAME! Kasich gives us a decrease, now you want to increase even though he’s given you a higher sales tax? Add in the FACT you want more will have an effect on the other, do you NOT realize the less people bring home will have the effect on what they buy? Time to BREAK FREE from Unions, surely IF you would let FREE ENTERPRISE work you can get those who are on Government assistance let you save some money?

You can START with making cuts to 20 year retirements as well! Not many you SERVE get this opportunity!

One Citizen who says enough already!, want more businesses to leave?, keep taxing those who come to your town for work who don’t have a choice in this and watch more go when the talent quits coming here!

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