Just when we thought things were changing, and you thought you knew how justice works around here.

I was given this information anonymously, and NOW sharing with you to find the answers.

Someone, PLEASE say it ain’t so!


Okay this is the asshole that either must be blowing Ault, his mother is, or he has to be related, or an CI, or be the one selling the pills to Ault.

His name is Donald Gary Adkinson.

He was arrested back on 02/24/12 for his second Domestic Violence, this time it was on his pregnant girlfriend, Ault gave him bullshit probation only after the prosecutors office refused to take the crime, even though under Ohio law, it states if a person commits their 2nd offense Domestic Violence, and if it on a pregnant person, that would make it an mandatory 4th Felony, with a mandatory prison time, and yet he was given a much reduced charge of Negligent Assault.

While his time on probation, he had showed up for drunk a mandatory probation visit, and on another occasion, he was caught out past curfew in a bar drinking, yet nothing was done to him for either one of these offenses, and his latest one was when his ex-pregnant girlfriend, the one that he beat up, showed up to where he lived at the apartment complex to visit a friend, he was drunk, saw her, went after her to cause bodily harm to her, knocked a 3 year old child down in the process, caused damage to the child, when the Sheriff’s dept showed up, he was drunk started fighting all three deputy’s, he had to be tazered 3 times to make him comply, was arrested , and charged for yet another probation violation, was given a 45 days jail sentence for this, in the meant time, he had gone before the judge Ault during this process, 13 or so days later, Ault kicked him off jail time with time served, only served 13 of the 45 days, he had over 9 months of probation left.

This all took place between 02/24/2012 and 03/06/12   FROM START TO END, NO YEAR LONG OF PROBATION OR THE 45 DAYS OF JAIL TIME.

NEG ASSAULT  РPlea of Not Guilty on violation 01: ( 537.14 DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ASSAULT )

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