Jurors in Skidmore trial see video of incident, WHICH VIDEO?

Was it the uncut video or one that was doctored by those who are already making up stories to make this worse than it was, remember I was there! It says I will be subpoenaed on their docket, but I highly doubt it cause the TRUTH will come out IF they put me on the stand! – Here is the uncut video they should have analyzed that PROVES the 1st LIE they are NOT focusing on now that Mike was told to leave, give a listen…

Now lets read the Mansfield News on this story by long time story teller write what we say Mark Caudill…

Jurors in Skidmore trial see video of incident

Tammaro later played a brief video of the incident. At least four people recorded the skirmish. – Yes, I thought so, lets just play a short snippet of video that does not portray ALL the events of the day the play an IMPORTANT part in what led up to the big event planned by County Officials, I will get to that in a moment since they are saying Mike planned this? The TRUTH here is ONLY 3 People were recording this event, and one video got out that WE know of which is the one everyone else here sees. This one was taken by a 15 year old kid who was nearly killed, another piece at this point has not been discussed, but now I digress so we can move onto the next piece of bologna in this story!

Tim Norris and Chuck Kochis attempted to remove Skidmore from the commissioners meeting after he got too close to a clerk while trying to see her name tag. Commissioners were about to go into closed session. – Another DEFLECTION of the TRUTH! – They really were CONcerned with being on the record with questions regarding citizen concerns and the fact Mike was telling them they could not shut the public out of their own meeting. They saw people show up to what THEY call a Commissioners meeting when in reality these are PUBLIC MEETINGS in which is open to the public UNLESS they try and call executive session. Mike was explaining how executive sessions are held, yet the Commissioners disagreed! Maybe the public needs to know the rules, or which PERSPECTIVE is correct? Its said that an executive session is only called when they have a question the 3 commissioners cant agree on in this meeting, the group of citizens simply asked what the question was that drew the session? Their answer was it was an employment issue that arose in a meeting a week prior, hmmm? That’s funny! – I looked at their meeting minutes, and you can too if you are so inclined to know whats going on in your community here – http://www.richlandcountyoh.us/Commissioners/Commissioners_Minutes.html

What you will find is the same thing I did, NOTHING in the way of starting July 9th 2015 with an executive session? Hence, they were FULL OF CRAP & making this up so they did not have to go on the record with cameras rolling as their staff as admitted by the Prosecution has been embarrassed before! Hence the next 2 videos you will see that angered security head Dave Leitenberger and Sheriff hopeful Matt Mayer. This article portrays CONspiracy theory in which proves their case Mike planned this fiasco, REALLY??? The TRUTH is these 2 videos went viral and people in the community said it pissed them off, so IF their was a plan it was by the executive branch employees who set this up knowing we were coming on this day, they suggested they didn’t know yadda yadda yadda. The truth is they watch the Mansfielders Perspective Group on facebook which is portrayed as an anti government cop hating group when once again the truth is as reported by the media a watch dog group that points out deception like this and many other articles in the past. Now we have this once again one sided that I will once again use “fair use” against the media to refute! I have copy and pasted what I disagree with and completely gave the media & their reporter credit for the crap! 

Roll the video’s that angered these 2 terrorists in our County building! Please take note to how THEY impersonate public officials by threatening Mike and friend Randy Shepherd while doing public records requests that are exposing fraud in our County! Are these people YOU want working for, particularly the guy Matt Mayer who is running for Sheriff who appeared to have something to hide?

Dave Leitenberger where he depicts assaulting Mike a month prior to the incident in the public meeting. (Above)

Your Sheriff hopeful folks sounds deceptive as he speaks for public officials yet won’t say who he was speaking for? Cant say this while being recorded can you? That means you can verify and report who would threaten the public this way, could mean a short POLITICAL CAREER? My guess is he was speaking for family friend, hand picked Prosecutor who replaced his brother after a suicide that oddly enough came just days after his office called for an executive session? Its said the Prosecutors office can’t call for an executive session, but did it anyways publicly in the local paper, then dies just as few short days later? Another MYSTERY that was never solved, but once again I digress and await your questions, especially those from their deceptive mouthpiece DREW TYLER who one day will face his/her MASTER – RICK TICK TICK

Lots of deception going on that needs answered, people are starting to talk. So certainly IF this case does not expose what’s going on, one day soon, maybe not today, maybe later down the road as Matt Mayer says they may get charged with something like he threatened Mike with, hmmm?


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