Judgement Entry for appeal 2016 CA 0080 Mike Skidmore

Due to getting this out and work there will be a slight delay for a rebuttel. Hopefully this Appeal will be appealed to Federal Court being this was a result of improperly running of a public meeting while a County Court Employee (Timothy Norris) was allowed to resign rather than facing criminal charges of his own?

This is CLEARLY a travesty of justice as Mr Skidmore was CLEARLY in fear of his life once Mr Norris reached for his gun!

Yes, even his boss declared the use of deadly force was not warranted, so WHY was Mr Norris allowed to resign, NOT RETIRE due to injuries as the media earlier suggested in 2015, is it the people of this area so easily to forget this and many other wrong doings here that witnesses were intentionally left out?

Interesting notes here I will surely scrutinize being I am a witness to this crime, so much they like Drew Tyler fear the TRUTH & keeping it real!

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This should bring Drew Tyler out of hiding? Then again, maybe it wont?

Tick tick tick, only time will tell if Drew Tyler like the fraud we see here is EXPOSED!!!!

IF there is ANY good news it was a bad year for local Democrats as you see in the featured image, ALL of which the people saw thru and REMOVED from office or given a chance to serve!

With this, I thank the people who VOTED AGAINST them.





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  1. Phil says:

    Wow, cant believe an investigator for the prosecutor called Mr Skidmore a nutjob?

    What kind of peopke do we have wirking for us?

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