Judge DeWeese goes to Court May 30th in Cincinatti seeking immunity!

Judge DeWeese goes to Court May 30th in Cincinatti seeking immunity!5/27/2012 9:38 AM EDT – Copied from our LOCAL CENSORIZED News Agency

There’s not a better time this Judge could go to court other than after Memorial day, now after nearly four years in his involvement wih the FIRED APA SUPERVISORS Federal case against MANY this Judge finds himself looking for immunity to end this lawsuit.

Will the MNJ have an update after his 15 minutes of fame this coming week, or will they keep this on the down low since this is an election year?.

I am curious though, IF this Judge will finally admit to not being the one who signed his name to a NO CONTACT order that was made up while he was out of town?. This may futher complicate an already complicated case that has the local Law professionals baffled on what the outcome will be.

I can assure you this my friends who are following this on the NEW www.mansfieldersperspective.com website that has been made up for those who are CENSORED on this site to assure the TRUTH in this matter is aired!.

I guess the outcome in Judge James DeWeses appeal will depend on whether or not this News Agency will run an article. If he wins the appeal, we will more than likely see this on the FRONT PAGE, if he loses (which he will), you will hear NOTHING except what has been said so far, which is NOTHING as well.

Original post on the News Journal site – http://www.mansfieldnewsjournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=PluckPersona&U=448e6a372cf74d94ba821091e15704c6&plckPersonaPage=BlogViewPost&plckUserId=448e6a372cf74d94ba821091e15704c6&plckPostId=Blog%3a448e6a372cf74d94ba821091e15704c6Post%3ad129ab29-72d3-446c-a804-0253f3ff06b2&plckBlogItemsPerPage=5

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