Join Mansfielders Perspective on facebook to see what you’ll NEVER get to on the MNJ site.

Yes, the MNJ is entitled to CENSOR those they oppose in point of view, but with this public forum we hope to change what they suppress!

You can also join our Group on facebook –!/groups/112700505521062/

or send a friend request to!/mansfielders.perspective

to see the daily comments I make that are getting witheld and kept from a friendly dialogue, and we wonder why readers and people are confused?.

I also have a website where you can keep up on the latest that we disagree with.

These places are for all the working people who don’t have the time to voice their opinions at council meetings. Hopefully through these gateways we can find a way to be heard?.

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4 Responses to Join Mansfielders Perspective on facebook to see what you’ll NEVER get to on the MNJ site.

  1. Thank you for that tips. I considered using the thumbnails, but I see why a 100 % size video is better now.

  2. Hey there! You have made some decent points now there. We searched on the internet for your concern and discovered the general public should go in conjunction with along with your website.

  3. buckeyesyd says:

    You will notice on the one Mansfielders Perspective link you will see my REAL name, don’t be alarmed!. This stems from those who tried to silence what we expose. I have NO PROBLEM putting my name on something I believe in, this is not the truth for those who oppose us who rather hide behind a keyboard leaving snide remarks!.

    I will be exposing this next and why the MNJ went to the facebook format so posters had to share their real indentity. Funny though that they know who I am now, and won’t let me and others speak!. What’s there to hide?, is trampleling on our civil rights a National Security issue when it comes to truth in reporting?.

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