John Mayer has a friend – Longhorn, threatens Phil on craigslist, hmmm?

Not sure, would you call this a theat?

To the two Puppets…. (Longhorn)

Date: 2013-01-14,  8:06PM EST

Reply to:

You two tards are just plain stupid! Do you realize how dumb you guys look? Phil your such a fucking douchebag motherfucker!! Your going to get your ass beat soon!!  Your website is a joke like you! I hope they fuck your ass up when they do get you!  Cause Johnny Law isn’t going to help your ass. You two ass puppets can stop with your sword fighting. WHO GIVES A FUCK??????  I hope to “bump” into your faggot ass somewhere. Cause I just might have to beat it! You guys are just DUMB! Mayer get over yourself! You fucked up so deal with it!! Just keep them niggers straight in the mall and we’re cool… Put that in your pipes and smoke it!

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