John Kasich is who we need to settle the case of who attacked who in a public meeting July 9th! – The local media is sure SPINNING it????

No, this is not photo shopped - My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

No, this is not photo shopped – My man Kasich had his security Guard take the photo. I VOTE YES!

Mansfield needs justice to Mend Mansfield

I have plenty of votes still John Kasich, we helped you become Governor and we can help you become President. You want to be the Commander in Chief here is your FIRST Federally needed attention that could put you over the top! – TELL IT LIKE IT IS – you say? Well my friend its time to put up or shut up, are you one of THEM or one of US? No, I am not saying a group that needs to change its tactics or one of which THEY call a “CULT”, that is ludicrous – we are Americans, NOT ISIS like we have seen taking over our local Government. Yes, THEY blamed us for what happened when in REALITY IF you have watched the clear unedited video you will see that is a lie, just as many other things that have been said and done that proves they are diligently trying to cover up what THEY did wrong. FIRST AND FOREMOST trying to block citizens from speaking out on their issues on the record.

Let’s Talk John Kasich, this is your chance to prove to the masses like you did me you are for real when you came to Mansfield. Yes, I yelled and you responded at your campaign here when you asked what I wanted to know, that was personable and would like to share my issues then are STILL my issues now. PLEASE HELP MANSFIELD – This small town like many others are under siege by tyrants who believe we have no rights to protest PEACEFULLY. I assure you there is more to this story than what can be believed being regurgitated by our long pal local news to corruption here. IF Mansfield is to mend and get back to work, it starts with its leaders where most believe there are none!

I got a call from the Sheriff who said has NOTHING to do with this secret security in OUR building, so who is in charge of this secret regime? If we are to have peace here this security needs to know it works for the people who need to be protected equally – read these blogs, you will surely have questions, maybe an open forum here in Mansfield on the square for all to hear, this is the leadership we need today, leadership for ALL, not just a select few – Constitutionally you owe it to us. So, IF you want our votes – HELP Mansfield NOW!!!!

Call me crazy, yes one has to be they say to speak out here? Do you know how many say I am lucky to be alive??? Now that’s CRAZY! – Quite frankly I am sick of hearing that NONSENSE!!!

That’s INTIMIDATION and  FEAR – both of which I am not for the record. Crazy?, I don’t think so!

Man faces felonious assault charge in courthouse fight, but who started the fight?

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15 Responses to John Kasich is who we need to settle the case of who attacked who in a public meeting July 9th! – The local media is sure SPINNING it????

  1. Phil says:

    Oh Drew baby, have you got your panties in a wad again? Your spin is as usual very amusing. Kind of like how your guy pulls a gun and fires is a building where no guns are allowed yet Mike Skidmore was charged with inducing panic? Wow, you tards come up with some doosies, are the from a Federal playbook, or just one of your own? Some of us do value our one life we have unlike your friend who thought it was cool to put the trigger in his mouth a blow his head off to save the family. Yes, we should have a parade for such a man who martyred himself for glory to God?
    Man you people are sick, can’t wait for the day I can meet such an intrepid man like yourself.
    Way to go buddy, or is it simply fictitious stalker who can’t prove his way off anonymous comments??? Can’t wait to hear the deal you people make to keep the truth silenced?

    • Drew Tyler says:

      Awww Philly did you get your pussy hurt again??? Yeah it sort of sounds like it. You make it sound like you and the Governor are such good friends and that you can actually deliver votes which will make him President. Wow, what an ego you have. He has no more of a chance of becoming President that you have of being believable. You have said over and over again (before he died) that I was Mayer and now it is quite obvious I am not and sorry, but like I said before I never met the man or anyone you keep blabbering on about. The problem for you Philly, is that unless people see things your way, they are wrong and you are the only one who is right. And in this post you seem to think a deal is already in the works for your boytoy Skidmore when originally you said there would be no deal???? Guess you don’t have the power and “insight” you claim to have, even claiming to be such good pals with the Governor. If you really want to make a difference to those in Richland County and Mansfield, why don’t you follow the lead of the former Prosecutor??? That would be a day of celebration!!! Now, your going to be late for work so put the bottle down, put your false teeth in, and get your ass to work slinging washing machines. Payday is just around the corner and your $10 commission check is waiting. Another post you leave me ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

      • Phil says:

        WOW! You are sounding awful bitter today my fictitious friend?

        I unlike you can admit when I am wrong, the problem with you is you can’t follow your OWN words “PROVE IT” – Now that’s ROTFLMAO! You my friend are sooooo professional, no wonder you hided behind a fictitious metaphoric name. Sure I have said you were Mayer – First John, then James, and now can we add Matt? You know the one running for Sheriff, are you this guy? – He will make such a great prosecutor, NOT? –

        You people are twisted, right Drew Tyler, which one will you be speaking for today my metaphoric friend?

        • Drew Tyler says:

          Philly Philly Philly, you of all people should know by now I don’t get bitter. I love getting on here and just blasting away at you because it really does leave me ROTFLMFAO. You like to try and “predict” how things will be and make promises yet when they fall through, you say something to the effect of “we all knew that was coming” to try and save face. Well the mask came off a long time ago Philly and everyone sees you for who and what you really are. A pathetic washing machine slinger who doesn’t have a pot to piss in, a washed up father figure to an illegitimate child and worst of all, a woman beater. You keep asking who I am, I am Drew Tyler. The same person who has been keeping you in stitches for years. I can’t be someone you want me to be just to try and prove you’re right. Most of the time you are wrong and like to shift that to others. I have broad shoulders so I can handle it. After all, me and other hard working folks like me have been carrying you welfare bums on our shoulders for decades. Now get your worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines loser boy….cough ROTFLMFAO yet again.

          • Phil says:

            Broad shoulders? I doubt that. As far as not being a phone, prove it! You are nothing but a bold faced liar who calls me a women beater without any facts to back it up. If that were true could I get a CCW?

            • Drew Tyleer says:

              Is your broadcasting the CCW thing intended to frighten me…ohhhhh I’m scared to death. Nothing worse than a radical washing machine slinger with a gun. My granny has a gun too and my money is on that ole gal over you. So why don’t you tell us the facts again why you got arrested for Domestic Violence Philly? Lets hear your new spin on the facts of that one. My guess is, your going to claim to be some superhero who leaps from building to building in a single bound. We know you can’t stop a bullet because you run like hell when one if fired. What a real pussy. Leave women in a room where shots are fired to save your own worthless ass. Some man you are. Yeah, I do leave as always ROTFLMFAO over and over again.

  2. Phil says:

    I also responded to Scott Kylers e-mail today…Here is my response!

    Scott Michaels aka Scott Kyler,

    I am very disappointed in your e-mail, I have shared it with my readers and have to say we have two very differing perspectives on this issue. I am disappointed how you came as a group and left as a self preserved to whom ever your audience is here? I wish you the BEST in your endeavor for an Independent Grand Jury, but as you see it is ALL FOR NOT when you have a Sheriff who is scared, your words, and a Prosecutor who won’t prosecute, our words and the truth as you see now in the case of Mike Skidmore. There are DEEP SEATED issues in this County and your divisive letter nets this response – I am done listening to you and your ways, and its CLEAR to me IF anything was PLANNED on this day it was by you and others who FEAR a real group making traction to fix the REAL ISSUE with our Justice system. Here is my latest blog, IF you would like to apologize publicly I may be willing to show to your next meeting this Thursday, IF you do not I wish you the BEST as you sit with your one or two dreamers of having this Independent Grand Jury that means notta until the Sheriff is no longer scared and the Prosecutor prosecutes. Fix those two concerns and we can talk. IF you disagree, please take me off your e-mail list for I will not stand with you on secrecy you and YOUR Sheriff share off the record.

    Have a NICE DAY, May God fill your heart with the TRUTH SOON!!!!!

    Phil Sydnor,

    The administrator of truth, not violence brought on by the regime so quit BLAMING the public. Thanks

    P.S. – If your email list was not a secret, I would have replied to all.

    Opting out of secrecy – Peace!!!!

  3. John kasich could not govern a steam engine much lees the state or Country?? the saem can be sadi for Mike DeWine where is his punk as as Chief elected law enforcemnt officer.. Where are all the reservists on our dime to secure our courts in times of civil unrest?? Kasich as governor “may” call upon the national guard to intervien but has notl. Further, the commander of the national guard post at lahm has a duty to oust the terroroist and tae them into military custody.. Oh and where is our local FBI on this insurection. Yes that is what we see is a Rouge military infiltrating our court house and our goverenmt miltiary is scared of it.. Chicke n shit Marines are the worst. MIke was the first in and those commanders will never get him out.

  4. Phil says:





    • Phil says:



    • Drew Tyleer says:

      Isn’t the Governor your little buddy Philly? I mean you have your picture taken with him (probably because you just photo bombed the poor guy) and claim to be such good friends with him. I’m sure in all your letters and emails to him you have consistently whined about me and begged him to do something to help you and yet he does just what everyone else does, ROTFLMFAO, over and over and over again. Even the guy who leads the RCCLSG now realizes what a punk bitch you are and how quick you ran for the door. Yep, you claim people tell you how lucky you are to be alive but face it, you were in no danger at all. You just like adding that atmosphere of “danger” to your posts to make yourself feel better. Skidmore should be grateful he has such a great “friend” to back him. Maybe when and if he ever gets out of prison and can read your posts he will see what a true friend you really are not. Now, get that worthless ass back to slinging them washing machines.

      • Phil says:

        Actually John Kasich was a stand up guy and probably remembers having his security guard let me inside the barrier for this picture. I thought is was cool of him to allow me to get my picture taken with him, something none of your friends in politics here would let me do in fear they would not make it, and rightfully so. Unlike YOU John Kasich knows how WEALTH is truly gained, BY DOING THE WORK! I am looking for yet another prosperous year as your friends are put out of business! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!

        • Drew Tyler says:

          Wow, some ego you got there PHilly.. If your so sure he remembers you then why don’t you get on the phone and give him a call and maybe he can end all of your troubles. Of course, a kool aid mixture like your hero Jim Jones would do the same lol. You don’t have the faintest idea what wealth is about because it is something that in all of your pathetic life you will never achieve. The best that you can hope for is the tax breaks they give the poor and hope you can afford your next meal or the next bottle of wine for the ole lady. People do have the power but you just don’t like those that do and noting you say in your jokesite will ever change that. Yeppers I leave again ROTFLMFAO at you Philly boy

          • Fictitious Phil says:

            You say I am using a fake account to respond to your fake account, now that’s ROTFLMAO!

            I love it when you get your panties twisted…

            The TRUTH is I have achieved more wealth than you will ever know. Why, cause a Narcissistic Sociopath can’t recognize it, that’s why! – I was born naked, no teeth, and poor – according to you I have achieved two of the 3 in my life, this makes me wealthier than you will ever know, cause I recognize the TRUTH is your wealth is fake, while I am very real.

            Having made you follow my group for years my guess is you have already drank the koolaid, so WHY DON’T YOU, like your friend the prosecutor just stick your gun to the head and pull the trigger, PROBLEM SOLVED? I have no sympathy for you and your closet friends who FEAR THE TRUTH. It’s coming, you’re just in denial of when.

            I am looking forward to the day we meet, so I can ROTFLMAO in person, just keeping it real for my phony stalker friend – 🙂

            See you on the other side?

            • Drew Tyleer says:

              wow, that was one long rant and it is sure obvious how upset you are. I don’t follow your group, and neither does anyone else. You are the lone wolf of the mansfielders jokesite and it is so hilarious to see you posting as other people and in essence just talking to yourself. I have been here all this time because I love to get on here, bitch slap you in front of everyone, make you out to be the liar you are and then leave ROTFLMFAO over and over again. Just as I did this time.

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