Jodie A. Perry, President, Richland Area Chamber of Commerce Tells it like it is!

Believing in Richland County’s potential is a first step

“So if you are a naysayer, if you want to focus on the negative, go right ahead. In the meantime, I’ll be over here working with the rest of us who want to improve things, not just complain about them.

You see, I believe in Richland County.”

Jodie A. Perry is president of the Richland Area Chamber of Commerce.

Not a bad insight for one who’s only been here 2 years, Welcome aboard! There are many of us who would agree and we are going no where, yes our focus is on the negative and quite frankly that’s what we must do to turn this County back around. The issues here are simple and the focus should be just that. The areas industry is not as robust as it used to be, and the reason many are leaving is they don’t want handouts or supplemental dependency to become permanent. I too believe in Richland County just as many others do too! The main issues are not jobs as much as it being jobs that can sustain safety for all, not a selected few. Its been a long 8 years of hardship for the Community but it does look promising! Keep the faith, the focus on negativity is a positive movement, watch and see!

The TRUTH Jodie will find takes more than a couple years to discover who the REAL negativity comes from. The MP Group has exposed much of it along with their fictional character mouthpiece that is the ONLY nemesis of the truth that hides behind a keyboard. This self proclaimed character against the true negativity of Richland County and surrounding areas in no less Drew Tyler a so-called successful business owner who attacks others while under the guise of someone they are not or they would have proved it by now? This is just one private message I have received since the first of the year! Yes, this stalker is all the negativity has to refute public opinion says it all. Jodie wants to fix what’s wrong here she will have to fix what the MP Group has been trying for the last 8 years! To expose the one and only “Master” Drew Tyler of deception. I will soon have T-Shirts depicting the quest to find this self proclaimed master. Join the MP group on Facebook where we face the negativity head on, see you there?

Drew Tyler is the negativity!

Drew Tyler is the negativity!



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