Jobs of the future for those who don’t have a degree; here’s your choices!

Minimum wage & Welfare or Minimum wage and Social Security!

This is what outsourcing has done to this Country!

Our Government is to provide the environment for success!, not the environment to become dependant on it!

By ALLOWING jobs to go overseas in the name of profits, who do you think should pay for the entitlements needed for these people who have lost jobs at NO FAULT of their own?.

If you think outsourcing is necessary, then I agree with Obama that YOU will pay for those who can’t live on minimum wage who are willing to work!. I think it’s funny Romney says he wants to reinstate folks who are on Welfare learn how to get a job which I agree!. How ever, if they continue to outsource, there will be MORE working who get welfare…Does this make sense WE get taxed for this when it would be in our BEST interest to assure those with families can earn a living wage without assistance?.

This I believe would make us ALL better citizens, what’s YOUR take on this?.

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