Job-skills consultant: Work together or be doomed! – What a MORON he thinks we are?

Job-skills consultant: Work together or be doomed

This guys an IDIOT! The PROBLEM is not education unless he means people are not getting educated on the FACT jobs are getting outsourced to 3rd world countries that do not require much thinking! What will they do when they become automated and STILL make the same? That’s right, we are making a globally DEPENDANT society on leaders. First we have made it law that healthcare is affordable, how did that work? Next we will hear the battle cry to make education affordable?, can’t wait to hear that battle cry! Not going back to school just to get back into debt. at my age! The REALITY of the matter is wages have been RESET for the private sector, now it’s the public sectors turn!

That’s the bottom line!, “Con” sultants are a joke!

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