Jesse Ventura has a valid point about maximum wage.

Yes, even the Mansfielders Perspective founder has pondered a similar thought, but wouldn’t this relinquish CONtrol over the little people or the reasoning WHY people use fictitious cover up names on Facebook like Drew Tyler who believe they are masters? Masters of what one might say? I say, master of deception what else?

None the less what would self proclaimed successful puppet masters like Drew Tyler do if this were to happen? – You guessed it, they would have to keep it real, no longer hiding behind the guise of Facebook.

What do you think this would do to the self proclaimed puppet masters like Drew Tyler?

Tick tick tick I say, say you?

I say we start with a wage that supports a roof over your head, food, and transportation to work as a base that should not be funded by subsidies. Drew Tyler’s prefer not to pay a living wage and let the tax payer foot the bill, is that what we call successful business today, and furthermore why Drew Tyler’s fear exposing these truths?

Yep, they call it success, I call it fleecing the BEST Country known to man. This may explain why Drew Tyler & friends have a fetish with eagles heads down in shame and Nazi swastikas?



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