It’s the time of year for giving Thanks, so here is my thanks and a place to give yours!

I am a known critic of Mansfield Politics like many others, how ever I am not afraid to make my sediments felt publicly. I have been silenced by the media, been threatened by others that law enforcement etc. will do nothing about. In the spring if the economy that surrounds my family and others I know.

I want to personally thank Jay Glauner of the Ohio State Adult Parole Authority for bringing integrity to an office that has been starved for over 15 years!

I have been told by many of those in this field they have never seen an office that runs more smoothly where people actually can do their jobs in the way they were trained.

NOW if we could just bring this same integrity back to the office of the Richland County probation department along with the Courts and Prosecution in this town? We were assured by the State that one who was allowed by the Courts and his Prosecutor friends for years by professional courtesy and immunity has ended. There is no need to use his name for he has publicized it for the last time a year ago in the local media. If you have been following these blogs or feel the need to know you can always search the many writings here on the MP Blogs.

The wind is in our sails and God is with us thanks again to the internet and laws that don’t prevent it, yet!

If you have a shout out to someone in the Community I suggest you do it here and I assure you this!, it will be SEEN. My site was getting re-directed by those who compromised my page, but that’s all been fixed now. So let the “THANKS” begin!

‘Tis the season my friends, let Thanks prevail. Peace be with you in your day, ignore the anonymous, they have NO integrity or they would do like the rest of us, and put their name on it!

The Revolution has begun!

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