It’s OFFICIAL they say? Tony Vero of Lexington Village Council is running against Gary Utt!

Yes, the Mansfielders Perspective gets information rather quickly via other fellow Mansfield Whisperers so we will have to wait on the general publics official news that comes by dog sled?

Yes, I am told Tony Vero will be running against Gary Utt this fall thru what is a “fast track” process that can only be achieved through party organizations, hmmm?

Yes it is true that even a flunky like myself tried to run yet failed miserably not knowing the system as well as others? This is interesting to say the least, I did not know a Party could select such a late candidate, but then again what do I know? I learned the process is not easy, especially when you’re not well liked by these party affiliations that know all the tricks, some of which I shared my hard knocks on when not getting much help from the Board of Elections or Secretary of State here.¬†This was a great learning experience in which some said ordinary citizens cant do, which is true in some respects. Some would say I am bitter, not a chance seeing what we are seeing in others who are now taking interest. At the same time I was toying with the idea to give the people a choice so was Connie Garber, who by the way experienced a similar fate when she was told Independent signatures did not count on her petition? Later to find out, after time ran out they did! Its interesting how THEY, the Board of Elections misinformed not one, but 2 citizen candidates without what some would call credentials for the job of Commissioner where there are none required with EXCEPTION that you are a registered voter. So not sure where that came from?

Ok, enough of Connie & I, onto the candidate of choice by the Republican establishment Tony Vero. What do we the people know about Mr Vero?

We know he currently serves on Village Council in my home town Lexington Ohio.

If we have questions he also has a facebook account too!

Now we wait for the media to report this latest piece you are more than likely hearing once again here first?


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  1. Mansfield Whisperer says:

    Well I guess when you cant pass the Bar exam running for County Commissioner is the next best thing?

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