Its alleged Darrell Banks believes Mike Skidmore planned the July 15th 2015 attack on himself?

Who knows, maybe Mike Skidmores plan was to assist these 2 in their election bids?

A friend of this group is a neighbor of Darrell Banks, a NEWLY elected Commissioner who was not at the public meeting July 9th 2015. They asked him to watch the video in its entirety since its his belief Mike Skidmore planned for everything that transpired?

That’s interesting Mr Banks! How does one plan being attacked, and secondly NOT being charged with such a conspiracy?

The charges Mr Skidmore was CONvicted of was 2 minor assaults, 1 inducing panic, and 1 of obstruction of official business, NOT conspiracy of planning this melee?

What you should question sir is WHY some witnesses were withheld – primarily the commissioners who were there CONsidering the reasoning they say some of us were not called, yet subpoenaed according to court records? Yes, these Drew Tyler’s say we were unfit citizens as witnesses for one crazy reason or another, but why not the Commissioners?

Yes, not calling the commissioners as witnesses in the public’s mind is reason for concern, maybe cover up, or to not further their being co-conspirators? Yes, I said Co conspirators, and maybe why you have a job being the majority of people did vote them out so you could get in, maybe you were a part of that so you could get into office being your job in Bellville was coming to a close?

Sure, there are lots of questions that need answered, rest assured the MP Group on Facebook will not rest until we get them.

God Bless, and prayers to the Mike Skidmore family as we await an answer on his appeal.

The question we are currently awaiting is what do they want destroyed in this request?

The odd thing is, I was there and don’t know who planned it? At first is was said all of us who attended this particular meeting were all part of a radical group, Mansfielders Perspective? Now that’s hilarious when you think a group of concerned citizens just wanting on the record would conspire to do such a thing, even when the record is turned off? People do realize there is a recorder of public record that’s maintained by commissioners clerk Stacy Crall, right? Maybe give it a listen to see when and where BEFORE Mike was attacked that he was told to leave? Then again the video that recorded the event is all you need, just look at the end where Tim Wert tampers with it (evidence).

Want answers too? Join the Mansfielders Perspective Group on Facebook, don’t be CONfused by the copycat hater Drew Tyler page called unsensored spelled incorrectly. That’s just a hate group derived to spin against the original.

A request to meet with Mr Banks is being made, lets see what kind of politician he is? Camera ON or OFF?

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