Is the MNJ serious about hiring John Mayer as an Investigator?


Mayer has had many gigs in last couple of years

“Mayer, 52, recently was hired as a full-time Secret Service officer/investigator with the Richland County Prosecutor’s Office. For a brief time, he also worked as a part-time security officer at the courthouse and the Community Alternative Center, as well as a corrections officer in juvenile court.

In addition, Mayer works as a part-time security officer for Samaritan Regional Health System, in Ashland, and the Richland Mall.

As of June 7, Mayer had to give up the gigs at the courthouse, CAC and juvenile court because he would have been working too many hours on the county payroll.”

“A former supervisor for the Ohio Adult Parole Authority, Mayer is working for Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page in his older brother’s office. Jim Mayer Jr. committed suicide in September.”

Is this the DEAL he got with the State when they FIRED him back in 2009? Come on Mark Caudill this guy I am told BY MANY is in no way competent for this job, unless you are putting his stalking his ex-wife as one of his greatest feats, one of which reasons he was fired! This is all making sense now people, this County is DANGEROUS!!!! After being shot at for wanting to find the truth in what everyone wants to know it will have to be others who speak up on this one for I have a biased opinion no doubt being REAL HARD WORKING folks I know being harassed by this man, NOW he gets the keys to the kingdom? He is not a man in my humble opinion that should not be an investigator? This is a slap in Law Enforcement’s face. We want to SAVE MONEY in this County we give a guy a job to silence what made his brother blow his head off, WOW! – There will be personal vendetta’s in full force now, watch your backs people! 

A little history in this guy

John Mayer – Read people, your memories are short. I will not be speaking up on this for writing my truth here is the safest way being you seen the chaos THEY CREATED by the way in our meeting! Don’t you DARE say anything about this they are telling me?

Have a nice day, ALL I CAN DO IS  – SMH????

Read the Transcripts, this is all making sense now? Bambi Couch Page and Dave Leitenberger met this man at the Red Fox it says on this day John Mayer said he saw a sex offender at his ex-wifes house before he met them for a few beers, THEN HE DIDN’T TELL THEM A WORD???? – Come on, do you think people just fell off the turnip wagon? A good investigator would have said something?

Day one transcripts

Day two transcripts

Let me know your perspective, mine apparently is CLOUDED with bias below….

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4 Responses to Is the MNJ serious about hiring John Mayer as an Investigator?

  1. Phil says:

    I highly doubt this pays $80 grand a year, but ok – IF you say so puppet master?

  2. Phil says:

    Naaah, you are right! How ever the attention we need will shine if and when we can expose YOU – the mouthpiece of corruption – Thanks again for the ip address, are you masking it again????

    Drew Tyleer

  3. Drew Tyleer says:

    And yet another one of your many promises to people that this man will never get his job back. Yeah he might not be the APA Supervisor anymore, but sure sounds to me like he got an even better job. Yep, again I am ROTFLMFAO over and over again because yet again, you made a promise you could not keep, nor control the outcome of.

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