Is it time for a 3rd Party, or a simple fix of what our founders gave us?

The Humanity Party, what’s your perspective about this?

I personally think we already have this with our Constitution of the United States, why would we want to go global with this endeavor when others have a choice on the Earth to choose where they live based on their own conditions? Are we naive in thinking with our freedoms and current perversion of our  CONstitution that others would come here and make us like them? Surely this Country is getting divided as they say by the powers that be as the video predicts, how ever its the Constitution that is really the glue. We are a Nation of Laws by the people for the people, its only education that is missing to protect it. The voting system is another issue where folks have no choice, how ever the write in IS a way to right the ship where NO outside influence. Yes we have this system already, how ever the majority of people are not fed up enough and are quite happy with the systems today in place, many of which are socialistic in their own way through an unfair tax system. Fix the tax code and fair playing field of the global economy and I believe the United States can be saved. Without the peoples involvement and the laws we create as you see, know, and feel the end as the Bible predicts is near?

Is Anonymous the way, or just another avenue for Drew Tyler to CONtrol you not knowing who they are? Sounds like terrorism to me or once again our Correct condition where we don’t know who’s in charge, who to trust, or who to vote for?

You say???

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