Interesting rationalization for Mansfield City Schools projected “F”status

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‘Failing’ district has positive outcomes

 I recently read the News Journal front page headline and article of a prediction that Mansfield City Schools would receive the grade of “F” in the report cards to be published in 2015. After finishing the article and having the knowledge of many successful graduates of the school system, I was very puzzled. I wanted to investigate the recent outcomes of this supposed F school district.
I requested the tracking information from a Mansfield Senior staff member who reported the following statistics from the guidance office: 43 percent of 2012 Mansfield Senior graduates were accepted to a four-year college and 22 percent of 2012 Mansfield Senior graduates were accepted to a two-year college. This is approximately two-thirds of all graduates and does not even include those who successfully wen…t on to employment and military service.
How is it possible that an “F” school district can educate students so they are accepted to these schools, employment and honorable service to our country? I thought that the letter “F” meant failing. How can a failing school district have these positive outcomes?
Those successes from a supposed “F” school district defy logic and common sense. Did the News Journal staff even bother to investigate actual current outcomes any further to write a complete article? Apparently they didn’t think it was important.
It’s a sad commentary on journalism in 2013 when reporting can be incomplete and fail to dig deeper to show the true outcomes of a school system. It’s also a sad commentary when the Ohio Department of Education chooses to rate schools as failing without acknowledging percentages of successful graduates. After all, isn’t the primary task that the school systems are charged with to be the education of the students toward a successful high school graduation?
Tina Evans
Mansfield Art Center

Surely my comment there on this will be blocked?
Phil Sydnor · Works at N.Y.F.B
I hate to disappoint, but this letter only shows how we are rationalizing the dumbing down in America!   I am considered a dumbass and have made the deans list myself, what you are noticing is…These College’s will take anyone’s money be it yours, the governments, or anyone else who’s paying for it. Now IF you said these 2 thirds received scholarships I would not be as cynical?
This comment on the MNJ site does to show you how DEEP ROOTED the problem here is – my comment censored while this one stands?
Jeannette Ruckman · Top Commenter · Ohio University

Tina, you are an English teacher’s dream for writing such a fine letter!  You are a blessing to all educators for knowing and writing the actual facts!  Thank you from all of us!
What ever happened to debates?

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