Interesting Police stop in Ontario, harassment or was it legit?.

Interesting to thing I heard today. I heard the O.P.D. is now pulling cars over for after having perfectly legal after market parts on them. I could understand this IF GM was still in town where they were protecting BIG BUSINESS, but to site one for $125 without a WARNING is quite ridiculous for having an unauthorized license plate light (blue in color). The young man I am talking about said this is ALL the Sargent could come up with after saying not only this lamp was the wrong color, that his headlights, exhaust were also illegal. This young man went to the Highway Patrol to have it checked and they advised it was perfectly legal, the exception is Ontario has some kind of bogus ordinance where they can depict certain aftermarket auto parts unjust. Come to find out the Officer warned him of going to a suspected drug house where 5 people live who all have cars. The officer also said his car smelled of marijuana and had it searched, of coarse found NOTHING!, nor was the young man charged for OVI.
Maybe I’m getting old, but I don’t think this sounds like a simple issue resulting from after market car parts as much as a vendetta to scare people at a suspected drug house since the officer did tell the young man to advise he knows what’s going on in that home. Interesting story to say the least, stay tuned…I believe there will be more since when he went to pay his fine and there wasn’t a record of it. The officer also gave him his card to call and advise when the after market issues have been resolved. He’s tried calling, and left a message the Highway Patrol said all was ok, and since the Officer won’t answer or return his calls, maybe there’s no ordinance either?.

Things that make you say hmmm?.

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