Interesting finding the Cuyahoga Prosecutor missed, maybe he should shoot himself like ours did? – That would be PROBLEM SOLVED!!!!

After further review of the finally shared records that defied transparency in this case it was found this lead officer was on a medication called PRISTIQ, a medication for DEPRESSION ironically enough! They made Brian Garber seem like a NUTJOB because he was on medication for depression, yet they somehow missed this?

Lets go down a timeline or history if you will where this man has used unreasonable behavior in the past shall we?, then we will get to Tim McGinty’s quote!

Timeline of Frazier’s instability:

May 16, 2013: Placed on paid administration leave for attacking the worker at Terry’s Towing on May 9. (The next day, May 16, the Mansfield Police Department alerted the sheriff’s office that Frazier’s behavior concerned some of its staff.
Sheriff Sgt. Rich Eichinger’s wife, Mansfield police officer Angela Eichinger, told her supervisor that she was concerned for her safety because of some possible threats Frazier made that “everybody involved will get it,” according to the report.
It was unclear when or to whom the statement was made, the report stated.
Sgt. Eichinger asked Sheriff Lt. Donald Zehner to talk to his wife about her concerns and Zehner refused, the report said. When she called Zehner, he did not pick up, Zehner wrote in Wednesday’s report.) ( It was also during this time that I and my family saw first hand just how unstable Frazier is…I made a formal complaint about his actions while acting as civil standby at my home to his immediate supervisor, Deputy Gunder, on May 14, 2013).

June 4, 2013: Allowed to return to work after psychological review. (Maj. Dale Fortney, said Frazier was issued an “Instruction of Caution” for “Unsatisfactory Work Performance and Failing to Maintain a Required Standard of Performance.”

August 22, 2013: Frazier is placed on administrative leave again for allegedly (their words, not mine. We all know…) using excessive force. (This was the garage beating incident).

Sept. 24 or 25, 2013: Cleared a pre-disciplinary hearing on Tuesday(9/24) or Wednesday (9/25) this week, and returned to work the following day (returned either 9/25 or 9/26), Sheriff Steve Sheldon said.

Fast forward to March 2014- Brian Garber is shot to death by Deputy Frazier. Admits to using the prescription Pristiq, admits to believing that he had been fired upon & was shot ( he was not shot as the record shows).

*This timeline is in progress*

Now that you got to know Raymond “Jeff” Frazier like this one sided jury didn’t because this information was probably left out or the jury has ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER? It CLEARLY appears they missed the warning signs that there’s a problem here, a ticking time bomb if you will that is why we are posting this IMPORTANT MESSAGE for anyone who confronts this man to comply and record their encounter or this too could be you next? Since this encounter he has already violated another couples home without just cause when they illegally entered their home with his posse and dogs for supposedly someone making a call that they were going to hurt themselves? This incident happened November 21st approximately 5:00pm in which their would be a 911 call prior which needs to be verified. Could compound an imminent lawsuit in which this couple is seeking counsel for?

Now, lets get to Tim McGinty’s statement on the Brian Garber case shall we?

He said in this case for the shooters, and for this example we are talking about the LEAD SHOOTER who is the only one on record to see what was said he saw,  what looked like a gun and a man sitting on a bed going for it?

With the benefit of hindsight, it is possible that this incident could have been handled differently. Nevertheless, the law provides a clear standard to analyze police officers’ use of deadly force (… “a reasonable officer on the scene, standing in the officer’s shoes, perceiving what he perceived and acting within the limits of his knowledge or information as it then existed”). Evidence firmly demonstrates that these deputies had an objectively reasonable belief, based on facts known to them at that time, that Brian Garber had a gun and was an imminent threat to the lives of each deputy.
Therefore, it is the opinion of the State that the March 16, 2014 shooting of Brian Garber by Sgt. James Nicholson, Deputy Andrew Knee, and Deputy Raymond Frazier was justified and that no criminal liability exists regarding the three officers role in the death of Brian Garber. This tragic incident was unfortunate and the State is sensitive to its impact on the Garber family. Nevertheless, a critical examination of the facts and circumstances leading to Brian Garber’s death reveals that the deputies who responded to 3400 Mill Run Road on March 16, 2014 acted within the bounds of the law.

Respectfully submitted,

Timothy J. McGinty – Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney

Matthew E. Meyer –  Assistant Prosecuting Attorney 

James A. Gutierrez – Assistant Prosecuting Attorney


So, respectfully saying to these Prosecutors NOW KNOWING this Deputy Raymond “Jeff” Frazier is of sound mind and “reasonable” as you say there is NO FINDINGS of dereliction of duty by our fair Sheriff for keeping this time bomb on the force? Surely NOBODY was charged with any offense so it is my guess this Grand Jury was to find fault in something or someone and why one witness plead the 5th, the wife who made this “reasonable” FALSE WITNESS CALL to 911 not knowing for sure this man had a gun, which by the way looking back on hindsight by the so called evidence shared within that was unknown at the time of the 911 log that depicts the call ended at 8:14pm, and where text message time stamp that depicts he too has a gun wasn’t until 8:15pm, sounds reasonable to me that there’e a CONFLICT of evidence or lack there of to prove your case. The Mansfielders Perspective Group, a TRUTH seeking group if you will, not a cult would be glad to have you join us for discussions on this matter. YOU SIR RESPECTFULLY missed the data given in your own report?, or it was simply an OVERSIGHT on your part before making this decision that took 8 months to prepare which is SLOPPY at BEST!

This is surely a sad case of events, but as a citizen of Richland County knowing the lead Deputy’s HISTORY of violence who announces publicly we are in a police state we the people in this group announce we want his resignation before someone else gets hurt in which will involve the State as you said being part in a huge lawsuit of dereliction of duty and possible racketeering charges for covering this up under the guise of secrecy on the Grand Jury!

I personally and respectfully tell ALL CITIZENS OF RICHLAND COUNTY if they see this Deputy to use CAUTION by calling ANYONE other than 911 with what’s known today as a license to KILL. You must record this confrontational man and keep yourselves surrounded by witnesses, for this decision is anything you do or say today can and will result in DEATH!!!!!

In closing it’s ironic that a man fighting depression is killed by another who’s also fighting depression, read the attached records for yourself! Surely you will find the many holes and conflicting stories that will leave this Community guessing for years to come.

We would like to Thank the Cuyahoga County Prosecution for doing the job of our late Prosecutor who refused to do their job based on conflict of interest in which there is none “In Writing” as by law was required to happen! This is a sham legal process we have seen, now we must move to prove EVERYTHING done in this case was WRONG!

You see this man – BEWARE – he’s the one ultimately responsible for the death of Brian Garber, a few shots not this many would have been sufficient in a “reasonable” thinking mans mind, then again I have to work daily to pay for crap like this, so who am I?

Raymond Jeff Frazier


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